Good things (that restore your faith in humanity)


Your powers are strong… :slight_smile:

First time anyone has ever contacted through it !!


Everyone knows your reputation and doesn’t even think of picking up the phone?


Listen here you pasty legged fuck…all my work is guaranteed until the cheque clears.

I’ll not have my reputation besmirched. :slight_smile:


Possibly they don’t want to disturb you on the bucket.


The grunting and groaning noises would be spectacular listening.


pasty legged fuck…




Self-control … blah, blah …leads to true happiness???

Explains why there are so many mardy lardburgers about these parts then.




Yeah, but what if one spends years in meditation, cultivating an acute awareness of one’s true self, only to reach the informed conclusion that one is, deep down, a sad wanker?

I’ve yet to see a contingency plan for this disappointing eventuality.


New sock (maybe made of cotton with some stripes), some warm scented oil and a change of flavour of porn. A contingency plan for every disappointing eventuality


Sadly there is no contingency plan. We are dealt the hand we are given and must use it…oil or no oil


We’re all just staring at one huge disappointing eventuality. Personally, I don’t think it’s possible to find true happiness until one has truly grasped that.

But I am an unusually miserable cunt, so ymmv.


Why did you put ‘unusually’ in that sentence? :grinning:


Did @Agrail hack your account?


Unlikely, we paved over my mind garden years ago to have somewhere to park the caravan. Also, I suspect he would prefer silk stockings to a sock, however stripey.


What, you mean there are others just like me?

Oh joy, I’ve found my people.

Let’s get together and chant ‘meh’ until we are cleansed.

Shall I make badges?


That strikes me as a very disappointing contingency for a disappointing eventuality.

Yours disappointedly


Badges? Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!