Good things (that restore your faith in humanity)


T-shirts then?





Already sorted :thumbsup:


Unfeasibly large quantities of drugs will provide some solace.



My Sony smartphone died the other day so has been sent off for a warranty repair/replacement. Going to take upto 28 days, and Carphone Warehouse had no loan phones left.

No problem, I have an old Nokia at home. Except I don’t. Claire has nicked it and used it at college in a display on how tech has advanced…

So I popped into an EE store after work yesterday and asked them for the cheapest phone they had. They gave me an alcatel one touch. Was £20 including £10 credit. Didn’t need the credit, but they if they sell it without the credit, it’s still £20. Then the young lad serving me started messing around with various ways that the included credit can be formatted. End result, £10.79 including £10 credit. so a mobile phone with charger and earphones for £0.79…

Alcatel should be sued under the trades description act though, because the only thing you can do with one touch is turn the fucking thing on.

Texting using the number pad, ffs, how did we ever put up with that shit?


I had an ex I nicknamed Buzby because she was never off her shitty Nokia 6110, she could type a text message faster than an old Chinese man catching a fly with chopsticks.

Of course I later realised the reason she was always on the phone was because she was fucking about 3 other guys.


Seems to work ok with my Nokia 6310. Don’t know what you’re moaning about :smirk:


Zackly :+1:



Modern smartphones also come with spell check :wink:


Something tells me I’m going to like working here. What a spread…and I haven’t even done anything yet.


They may be taken away once you start…


Careful, could be a feeder…


You’ll need some butter for that offcut of 3 x 2.



Is it an older lady? :smirk: