Had my car stolen

My Ford Kuga was stolen off the drive on Thursday night at 2am. Caught on cctv so know the time but nothing else to go on. Police hardly seem bothered so if anyone sees this car please let me know. I know it’s a long shot.
Pretty pissed off at the moment.

Nightmare Tim. Scumbags!

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Thats a pain tim ,…Thieving bastards,.

Bastards. Mass of hassle and inconvenience.

Fuck’s sake. Sorry to hear that Tim.

What a ball ache. Sorry to read this Tim. I hope getting it sorted out doesn’t take too long.

Sorry to hear that Tim, talking to my daughter Kuga’s are a popular theft around these parts. Hope things turn out ok and the thieving c@@$s get their just desserts.

Bummer,no idea if this is of any use.


Bollocks, sorry to hear that Tim.

I’ve had one car stolen in my lifetime and it was found completely burnt out and thankfully the insurance after a bit of encouragement from a friend paid out in full.

That’s shit news Tim. Hope you get it sorted.

I had one car stolen. It was stolen 3 times. Each time I got it back in better condition than when it was stolen. Bizarre !

I’m not convinced it wasn’t one of my mates fucking about.


Bloody hell that is rage-inducing!

Hope you can resolve quickly, but chances are it’s already in a container on its way to Russia…


Sorry to hear that bstards

I used to steal a friend of a friend’s car quite regularly if I wanted to take a girl out before I got a drive of my own.

I’d have to clean the damn thing before letting her get inside and so it was always returned cleaner, albeit often with some discarded underwear…


Cool story bro :slight_smile:

Sorry to read this Tim. I thought theft was a thing of the past tho with immobilisers and alarms etc?

Theiving bastards everywhere these days.


Hope it gets found, and in one piece.

I am sure I read somewhere that keyless technology has made cars easier to steal?

No doubt now on false plates relating to another white Kuga.
Hopefully it pops up and gets recovered when it’s empty of fuel.

For professionals no but it does deter casuals a little. There’s some sort of widget that can be used to ping a response from the key and then be used to mimic and gain entry (so keep spare keys away from the accessible points of the house and- ideally- in a shielded box). The problem is that it sometimes encourages thieves to break into your house in pursuit of the key. I’d almost rather it was easier to take the car than that happening.

Sorry to hear this Tim, I hope it turns up intact.