Half term free house 26/27th October

Claire is heading away with the kids, so I have a bit of time spare…

How about pizza for lunch (assuming Edd or Phil come, and bring a pizza oven), Turan or chilli for the evening?

I have three rooms for music, one of which works, and I guess another could be repurposed if anyone is actually enthusiastic. To be fair all my systems are computer based digital active, so swapping kit is a palaver - it would probably be best to set fire to most of it and set up something that actually sounded good. Or just go to the pub.

There are beds spare, but two won’t take an adult’s weight. But those coming a long distance could probably be accommodated somehow, either here or at Pete’s.

I live centrally in St Albans; parking is a palaver that we’ll have to sort out.

Thinking about it, Claire’s not back until Monday so we could do Turan/drinks on Saturday night and breakfast/tunes/pizza on Sunday, finishing early evening. Sorts out the parking issue as well.

I’m glad I’ve thought this through so well.


Pretty sure I can make this now. :+1:

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Whatever it is!

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Yes please.

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Please. Funny feeling about the dates but as it stands I’m fine.

Yes, please.

Please Adam


…about effin time you had another one :grin:

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we are busy during the day, but if you end up in the Turan or a pub in St. Albans we will join you.

I’d like to come, but must seek uxorial permission.

Given that I’m spending the entire previous weekend doing beer and heavy metal I feel mildly guilty.

Yes please Adam.

Yes Please Adam.

Yes please

If I have any runs passing the north of m25 I’ll pop in

Louise says that we’ll travelling back from that there London, so not as busy as I thought, so yes please x 2

Approval obtained.

Yes please Adam.

Will the man-cave be on line? :sunglasses:

It’s possible. I have a few things to do, and they are on my to-do list…

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Will the £250 pub speaker project be ready by then?


Yes I’m going to get drunk at BoA later so will need some empty promise to exaggerate and keep them on the hook with.

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