Hand Egg Ball(ocks)

Hope it happens. Hope he fails, Jets fans will be merciless :rofl:


Raiders sign Jimmy G :thinking:

I guess that solved the Niners QB conundrum and shows that the limit of the Raiders ambitions next season is the play offs

Chance would be a fine thing!

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Sure, they are in a pretty tough division.
Don’t the Raiders have a few decent draft pics this season?
Or did they trade them away on previous bad decisions?

I don’t think there was one. Brock Purdy surely is number one and Jimmy obviously surplus. It’s a shame, given how well he did a couple of seasons ago, but it’s a cruel league!

Agree totally re Raiders. Jimmy G did well with the Niners in a system that worked perfectly for him, but I don’t think that the fit with the raiders is as good.

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What will suit JG is having Devante Adams to aim at.

What won’t is the lack of protection ahead of him and perhaps the set plays that Josh McDaniels sticks to.

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Trey Lance is in that equation, the conundrum was when they had all three, and was solved by releasing JG.
How the BP amd TL situation pans out if both stay free of injury will be very interesting, not sure either would want to be back up.

Yeah that’s the point, Jimmy is a clear number 3 but good enough to be a backup at least anywhere

Purdy had to be #1 based on performance. I think Lance will eventually be moved on as well. Lance (to me) has a bit of that “can’t miss prospect” who is going to miss about him.

This. Jimmy G still has some good years left in him, but he isn’t pre ankle injury JG anymore. He is now pretty much a pocket QB and needs protection he isn’t going to get from the Raiders o-line.

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Totally. I suspect Raiders will go for a QB prospect in the draft.