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Bengals-Ravens should be good. Won’t give any spoilers.

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Good win for Ravens,
Burrow injury must put a question mark on Bengals season after they had turned things round from lousy start when he had previous injury

Amazing second half from the Eagles, I thought the Chiefs were nailed on at half time

Watching Steelers @ Bengals, Pittsburgh offence looking better already.

Bills-Eagles game is a good one so far

Thought for a while that the Bills might surprise the Eagles, looks less likely now.

Anything can still happen :smiley: But it does look like the Eagles have turned it up a level. Amazing how they can raise their play to their opponents

As Hurts said pre game, “We know how to win”
They certainly don’t panic

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This is great by Buffalo

Still wouldn’t write off the Eagles.
1.52to go, not sure how many T/O they have
But plenty of time

They have all their timeouts

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JK got 2 pemalties on the drive,
Don’t think this FG is likely, 60yds in the rain

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Clutch kick!

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Few yards to spare


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Don’t see anyone stopping them from a Super Bowl

Ravens would give them a good game