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Bengals-Ravens should be good. Won’t give any spoilers.

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Good win for Ravens,
Burrow injury must put a question mark on Bengals season after they had turned things round from lousy start when he had previous injury

Amazing second half from the Eagles, I thought the Chiefs were nailed on at half time

Watching Steelers @ Bengals, Pittsburgh offence looking better already.

Bills-Eagles game is a good one so far

Thought for a while that the Bills might surprise the Eagles, looks less likely now.

Anything can still happen :smiley: But it does look like the Eagles have turned it up a level. Amazing how they can raise their play to their opponents

As Hurts said pre game, “We know how to win”
They certainly don’t panic

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This is great by Buffalo

Still wouldn’t write off the Eagles.
1.52to go, not sure how many T/O they have
But plenty of time

They have all their timeouts

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JK got 2 pemalties on the drive,
Don’t think this FG is likely, 60yds in the rain

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Clutch kick!

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Few yards to spare


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Don’t see anyone stopping them from a Super Bowl

Ravens would give them a good game

Looking forward to Eagles@Niners this weekend.
It is a featured game here and is probably a rehearsal for the NFC Championship game.

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NFL looking to ban hip drop taclkles.
25x more chance of serious knee’/leg injury using this tackle.
Lot of players have had career affecting injuries from this.
It is banned in Rugby League.
Good video explaining what the tackle looks like and why it is so dangerous.

Watched Dolphins-Commanders, fuck me that was grim viewing.
Looking in at the final minutes of Lions-Saints, waiting for the Niners game to start