Hand Egg Ball(ocks)

On you go son! Superb!!!

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Missed extra points lose games

That could prove costly

Their high fives have got hilarious; there’s about a 50% chance one of them will end up on the floor

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Glad the kicker made that.

I keep expecting Ryan Fitzpatrick to burst into song.
He is John Grant’s brother isn’t he?

Not sure but he’s the greatest motherfucker I’ve ever seen

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I am not even there but I have serious worries if it goes to O/T

Could have been over now!

It may not have been a great spectacle of dazzling play, but it’s sure been tense!

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They left at the end of normal time, go figure :crazy_face:


This is where Mahomes earns the big bucks.

The Niners are capable of a stop but can’t afford any pens

Never bet against Mahomes in a tight game

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Amazing stuff. And so late :hushed:

More interviews
God wins another Super Bowl
I am going to put a tenner on him for next year. :grinning:


Haven’t watched gridiron since the 80’s but from my vague memories I was under the impression that the first team to score in overtime was the winner?

Rules change in every game, VAR in footie for instance.
But in a way you are right, this was the first time that the ‘start a new game’ rules have applied where both teams have a chance to score.

2024 Super Bowl: Postseason overtime rules means it is better to give than receive - CBSSports.com.

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The Niners came very close.
Difference was converting a red zone possession into a TD.
Mahomes was always going to be favourite in that situation to find a way.
Piurdy will get there, but maybe a step too far this year.

Missing an extra point didn’t help although you can’t say that lost the game as the strategy may well have been different if it had been made.

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