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I quite enjoy American Football. I watched it regularly when I lived in the States in the late 1980s. I have a sentimental liking for the Cincinnati Bengals largely because of the one injury free season Ickey Woods played while I was in the USA. He was something else.


You have just gone (even further) down in my estimation @htm_1968 :smirk:


Stop trying to cheer me up @Jim. :angry:


cue a Santa, wonky tt, or fart reposte


Wrong and too fucking slow Grandpa. :smirk:


Tried to watch it now and then since the 80s,does nothing for me though.


Hope the Pat’s win the Super Bowl


The Superbowl was quite handy as an excuse for breakfast drinking due to time differences with Oz. Not that there was ever a need for an excuse for beer for breakfast but still…


Aww, diddums.


I don’t obsess over it like I once did, but its s’allright. Baseball is better (more drama), ice hockey better still (faster, more athletic/skill).


I like baseball. I am determined to see the Cubs play at Wrigley Field one day.
NFL does nothing for me at all.


I’ve never seen beyond “rounders for blokes” really


I have fond memories of American Football when we lived in Houston.

Watching our uni team was great fun because they were (almost deliberately) not strong but their half-time marching band trolled the absolute hell out of the inevitably clean-cut and well-drilled opposition. More than once at away games the band had had to have police protection to get out of the stadium without suffering serious physical violence.

The Houston Oilers (now the Tennessee Titans, it seems), with the charismatic Warren Moon, were also on a good run while we were there. We got to watch them a couple of times in the Astrodome which, given Houston’s climate, was a lot nicer than spending hot and humid afternoons on the open terraces at Rice.

Six or eight of us watched the Superbowl through an increasing fog of alcohol round at the house of a guy who went on to be an astronaut.



didn’t think it was a sport -


I really like NFL.
I watched it all the time in the 80s, used to have Superbowl parties and take the Monday off work.
I think it was Channel 4 that showed it, but I still remember the stars from those days, John Riggins, Dan Moreno, John Elway, Joe Montana, Walter Payton, Eric Dickerson, Marcus Allen, Tony Dorsett etc.

Love the current BBC2 coverage, but don’t have and won’t have Sky so probably missout on good coverage there.


The Refrigerator!


I think (and this is gonna sound strange coming from a Strayan) a lot of sport is about being there. Watching stuff on TV (with a few exceptions) doesn’t have the impact that a visit to a stadium/track does.
Most Mercan sport strikes me as being like that. I have enjoyed going to Indycar, NASCAR, Baseball and Gridiron but I struggle to watch them on the Tellybox.


Yes, we were all mad on him!

We used to play 2 touch American Football instead of Rugby at school :slight_smile:


Attending an NFL game live is quite something. The pregame festivities outside the stadium (massive fan organized booze up and food fest) is worth attending on its own.


Spent many a happy hour playing touch football :grinning::+1: