Hand Egg Ball(ocks)


Was going to put it in any old pics,but goalies face before helmet/masks were introduced in ice hockey,1966


Troo dat. I missed the first 20 minutes due to the BBQ’s ribs not being ready :+1:


Could never watch it over here but when I lived in Texas I enjoyed it.

Not sure if that was because we used to go to Hooters to watch it though :thinking:


Goalie Gerry Cheevers started the tradition of decorated masks with his “scarface” design. He had a scar painted on every time he took a puck/stick/skate to the face.


I’ve watched most of the free UK coverage of the NFL and I always book the day after the Super Bowl off so I can watch.


The fact that I’m a 49ers fan probably has something to do with my loss of interest in recent years. They’ve some young talent there now, so things are looking up.
Fair weather fan me :money_mouth_face:


49ers have Jimmy G, they’re winning the Superbowl next year!


I have Virgin and Sky Sports Mix is free. There are more matches available if you have the full Sky package, but that ain’t happening for me.


On that basis NFL is Rugby for wimps.




In the past I have spent a lot of time in the States but have never managed to get into the NFL. Usually my trips were before the season started and after it finished, so that probably had something to do with it. I wouldn’t dismiss it though, I just don’t understand it.


You should try hitting a baseball, its a fantastic rush when you whack it just right.


Baseball? Meh!

Try hitting a cricket ball for four off a spinner :persevere::persevere:



Havng seen Englands best attempt this for two months without success I think I’ll give it a miss.:smirk:


Now try doing it on the off side.:cow2::cow2::cow2::cow2:


Ive got a very nice Louisville Slugger, its uber satisfying when you connect properly and the ball just fucks right off.
Not used it in 5+ yrs now :frowning: