New runway it is, then.

I suppose it was inconceivable they would shelve this after Brexit. The economy badly needs a boost.

Can we have Concorde back as well?

Pound currently up 0.001 against the Dollar.


Have a look at the link I’ve just put in the Science thread

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That’s going to have to be a helluva tunnel for the M25. Given the traffic chaos that seems to be the normal state of affairs from J13 to J15 even now it’ll be hard not to make it worse. Still, at least the people who live west of London (e.g. me) won’t have to heave themselves round to Gatwick every time they need to fly somewhere.


I imagine there will be some kind of lengthy legal challenge now?

By the time it’s all sorted won’t we all be in hipster Steampunk Zeppelins, or something?


The more noise and polution near London the better in my world.

Will planes need to land after brexit is implemented? Won’t they just drop bundles of aid out over Buckinghamshire


Pretty much. No one’s going to need/want to come here pretty soon.

They’ll be arguing over a second runway at EDI when all the banks move up there once Scotchland declares independence.

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Bundles of AIDS, amirite?

Daily Mash.

Third Heathrow runway to be disguised by cave mouth and collapsible palm trees


That’s the secret tunnel to Dublin, only to be used once Auto-reverse Theresa’s plans go tits up :+1:


The EFW plant just over the M25 needs to be moved as well, which is going to cost well over £100m I would think.

I think that the government has backed itself into this corner by not planning transport infrastructure well. I think that a large airport somewhere within the M1/A1 corridor, with a fast train link to London and Brum, makes sense. This area needs investment, and a new airport world be a great thing to invest in. This would also free up such a lot of land in London, which is where people seem to want to live for some reason.

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M25 + tunnel + ‘incidents’ = total chaos

It is a superb decision for London. The city needs it, it’s only fair the city grass the downside as well as the up side.

Absolutely. The fast train link, HS2, is already going ahead just to the west of there and I believe no-one at all has objected to that. Putting a new airport where there isn’t one already is bound to cheer up those people for whom the skies are just too clean and quiet, and to complete the package we should add a nuclear waste disposal site and a hospital for the criminally insane while we’re about it :slight_smile:.



That’s a fucking brilliant idea, genius. A nuclear station could take cooling water from the Thames and it would save having to build them somewhere pretty, such as the lake district. I mean, let’s face it, Heathrow is a bit of a shit hole so a power station or two will make fuck All difference.


With the exception of the airport in Perth, which is full of feral Aussies and empty of anything you would want from an airport, Heathrow is without doubt a shithole of the worst type.

Deciding to build an extra runway will hopefully cause Boris to have an aneurysm*, bring down the current Government and pave the way for the sensible opposition to take…

Fuck it, as you were…

*Bonus, looks like that moron Goldsmith will resign too. Every cloud has a silver (spoon) lining it seems.


And since they closed one of the power stations down the road from me the south, where quite a bit of the demand is, has been a bit short of capacity. What’s not to like ?