Help me choose a windows laptop

Need a laptop for windows, it won’t be doing anything too taxing but at the same time I go nuts with machines that are a bit slow to respond.

Any suggestions?

I am afraid that contrary to normal proceedings I have not already chosen one.


How many pennies do you have?

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Willing to spend up to £800 or so but preferably less.

are you happy with used/refurbed or new?

I think I would prefer a new one, it needs to powerful enough to last a good few years.

I bought one of these a few months ago to replace a very flaky MS Surface 3

Been nice and reliable so far. Actually got mine from Curry’s PC World

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Personally I’d get a refurbed Lenovo.


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i would have done at the time, but i needed a 10th gen i5

It would seem all votes for Lenovo so far, will check a few out.

Will also have a look at their site for refurbs.


If you want something that can withstand being bounced off the floor repeatedly while being held together by little more than semen and pot-noodle spills**, then it’s priddy much the default option.

** a friend told me


I have a Dell Insprion 15 with a Ryzen 5 from Currys. It has an SSD and 4GB RAM and apart from stopping for a think for 5 seconds about a minute after waking up, it is fairly quick, quiet and was £500. The screen is OK, but not a thing of beauty though.

Used Lenovos (or even new ones as they have offers on) are a good shout though. a mid range i5, 8 GB and an SSD will easily do for most people.

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What do you lot think of this one?

do you need an i7? don’t forget to add in the cost of a case (as least for storage)

and a mouse (I always use a mouse instead of the trackpad)

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I bought a Lenovo V130 i7 about 6 months ago. Very impressed so far.

honestly? i7 is overkill. for basic office stuff a new i3 will do the job, an i5 will breeze it. the rest of the spec is good though

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dell xps 13 is a fab machine (I have three here) will be cheaper now the new one is out. bomb proof, the only niggle for me is the webcam location makes me look fat (I know!!)


Well if I can get an i7 within budget and it is a company purchase…

My Macbook Pro is an i7 from 2012 and is still going strong and is plenty fast 8 years later.

go for it - dont forget the accessories will eat into your budget.

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Like this?

Seems like a lot for £650