Help me to like

I want to do an occasional series where I appeal to the fans of a particular band to tell me what makes them so good, and why I should give them a second, third or fourth chance to tickle my musical palette.

It will usually be bands that have obvious musical merit, but somehow I just don’t get or haven’t properly understood what makes them so good.

I probably won’t do entire genres or styles. A Damascene conversion to reggae enthusiast seems unlikely in the short term.

So give me context, give me perspective. Cajole or berate. Point me at the right albums or tracks to re-visit or their unearthed gems that will change my mind.

First up…

Steely Dan.

Steely fucking Dan. It’s elevator music, isn’t it? It’s a cafe jazz-rock abortion.

You definitely need some sort of help.


You seem fine to me :+1:

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Funky Fusion. Well performed. Well recorded. Beautifully engineered. Quirky, cynical, amusing lyrics.
Listen into the mix and there are layers of texture and humour. Can’t Buy a Thrill for a raw (by their standards) sound. Aja for the definitive Dan sound.

Fuck it. I’ll bite. Why do you think you need persuading to listen to stuff you don’t get ? Your tastes are varied enough.

If you don’t get it, why bother ?

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Ha, that was the group I was thinking when I read your first post

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Great musicians
Great songs but…

Almost to perfect that it does nothing for me,afraid I can’t help

The Sex Pistols.

It’s just pub rock.

And I’m not buying the “but listen to the lyrics” crap, just like I won’t buy it for any other artist.

Thats because they have no soul, they show you how it’s done, they leave you with the answer like a teacher over a rather dull equation

Yeah but…

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It wasn’t pub rock in 1975 is was chaotic shit the like of which had never been witnessed before.


True, i like most punk but these , id rather pogo to steelyfan the covers band

The Pistols were number one on Jubilee week with God Save The Queen. They deserve to be on every stamp produced since for that achievement alone.


A moment in time, yes but does it stand up without its zeitgeist moment. Not for me i was 5,
I like frigging in the rigging thats it and only because it was naughty to a wipper snapper

Being a bit older than you I find it impossible to separate the two.

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Crass; poetic and powerful lyrics with a beat and musicianship that reaches into your id.


Can’t argue with that. Crass are sublime and depressingly relevant still. Just don’t understand the lack of enthusiasm on here.

There is so much music, out there, and you have a very broad range of taste, so why worry about something you don’t like.
Use the time to discover new things, you do like.

I’m not worried. Why not just engage in the spirit it’s intended. Or don’t. No skin off my nose.

It’s a chance to evangelise what makes a band enjoyable for you and perhaps point me in a particular direction. Steely Dan are obviously talented, have a lot of credibility in the industry and an army of fans.

In all honesty I think the answer to 99% of these questions is “you had to be there”.

Dated music has dated, but if you knew every word and chord when you were 16 and it meant so much to you then it’s imprinted on you, and that will never change.