Help with coffee machine electrical problem

My bean to cup machine won’t work due to a pressure? switch being fuct. I have spent far too long trying to buy a replacement and it appears that Delonghi can no longer supply one. It’s just the switch that tells machine that the waste grounds bin is In place. Would it be possible to take it out and bypass it? Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

This time in English ?

I’ll get you a dictionary.

Take a close up focussed picture of the switch.

That’s about as good as my phone will do :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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That’s brilliant, thanks very much.

Well done, and only £2!

£12 with vat and delivery, but still very cheap.

Just hang fire on ordering for a minute as there are a few options, any chance of a better picture?

Thanks Chris but no sign of any moisture in the casing, it’s also been switched off since last Friday.

:thinking: too late I’m afraid

well we will find out soon enough

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have you got a link to the one you ordered?

I’m quietly confident :pleading_face:


Oh dear.


Yes is the answer to your original, this saving you 12 quid :slight_smile:

Not sure it is the correct one, part number on your broken one begins 831700. The one you ordered begins 831704.

Spec sheet below shows that 831700 is 10A, 831704 is 5A rated.

Is that important?