Heresy IV

Hi, I’m pondering a change from my current AVI ADM40s that I’ve had for about 10 years and thinking of trying something completely different. I like the look of the Heresy but reviews make it seem like they’ll be a bit of a marmite speaker. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a speaker with horns before.

My 40s can probably be described as a very “correct” sort of speaker, they’ve got decent Scanspeak Illuminator drivers and, to my ears, a balanced sort of sound. I do sometimes wonder though if I wouldn’t prefer something a bit more coloured and “fun”.

Any new speakers must sound good at low volumes and be happy near a wall, the back of my 40s are 6” from the wall and the bass is well behaved there. I sit about 10 feet from them. Does that sound like the Heresy IVs would be happy there?

I stream from Apple Music via Airplay through my tv and into the ADM40s via optical and don’t want to change that part of it, with this (and the Heresys) in mind I’m thinking of pairing them with a Synthesis Soprano valve hybrid which seems a bit weird in having a solid state pre and valve power and has an optical input and onboard dac.

Any thoughts?

ps. Sorry for talking about hifi.

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Have you considered an eight way horn system?


Yeah I know, I should really be looking at hiring a digger and extending the livingroom into next door. I’m a lightweight.


You only live once…

I didn’t think the Heresey (version II that I had) sounded good at any volume to be honest. Tight bass (but no real depth) and that’s the best thing I can say about them, highly coloured midrange, coarse treble and poor integration between the 3 drivers.

If you want something easy to drive, great fun and not too ‘hifi’, save yourself a fair wedge and buy some Rega Jura’s for £150.


Or these:


Mate of mine bought a set to scratch an itch and move away from Audio Note Ks in a small room. Couldn’t get them to work and sold them at a considerable loss a few months down the line. Two amps, Lavardin IS and Audio Note Oto sig. He ended up going up the K range and now has a Meishu Silver, sounds fantastic

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Assumjng @Spenagio doesn’t buy them first.


Generally I find that high sensitivity speakers sound better at lower volumes: they often have a bit more ‘freedom’ to the sound

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Yes, it was that plus the size that pointed me towards the Klipsch. Not exactly a ringing endorsement on here though.:joy:

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I like horns, but like hoops I have found Klipsch rather coloured. The eternal problem with horns as commercial speakers is that the price rockets as you add extra ways, but too few and you’re using drivers outside their sweet zone, and they get rather coloured. That’s why they usually end up as a DIY project.


Dynamic and somewhat efficient, I would recommend the KEF 104/2 but I did find they needed to be away from the wall by quite a bit for best results. Just beware of poor repairs to the bass drivers (or if its not been do it will need new dougnuts). There is the newer KEF Three-Two but they are a bit less efficient if you really want something 93-94dB+ to use with a lower powered amplifier.

The Impulse H2s look a great option, I’ve only heard them at the Scalford show(s) and liked them then!

I had the little brother of the 40’s, ADM9T for a couple of years, so kind of get the sound you’re used to (minus the bass).
I’d probably concur that the Klipsch could be going to the other extreme, perhaps not in a good way. I had a filling rattling session listening to them at a friends place, great on live material, for 10 minutes then I wanted to lie down in a dark room.
So much great choice in that price range, Boenicke, Sonus Faber, etc etc. in passive land, with the Dutch & Dutch 8c active being worth a listen if you can stretch that far, which would allow you to keep your current minimal source set up.

Yes, I like the look of the H2. Them going so deep in the bass could be an issue, I have a huge peak around 45hz. I think that’s why the 40s have such a good bass response in my room, they’re tailing off as the room is getting going. I’ve just seen my local dealer lists Klipsch and JBL so I’ll give them a ring and see if a demo is available.

There have been some lovely looking efficient Triangle floor standers on here recently too.


Thanks, there seems to be a bit of a consensus building :joy:

Having not being interested for 10 years it seems things have gotten changed up a bit at my 2 local dealers, so I think some phone calls are in order. One of thems even started selling Audio Note.

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I’ve been looking recently, but footprint size is more of an issue to me. World is your oyster!


I found that the Heresy was very amp dependent. If you had an amp and could hear them, they sounded rubbish.
A pair of La Scalas on the other hand :heart_eyes:


Please go and listen with MrsSpenagio in tow, and please let me come and be a fly on the wall to see the reaction. Seller is presumably very close to me as well so it would be no bother…

Do you have any martial arts or SAS training?