Heroes of our time

I’ll start with -

BBC News - Greta Thunberg: ‘Leaders failed us on climate change’

Saviour of our planet ?


BBC News - Banksy shop featuring Stormzy stab vest appears in Croydon

Man’s a modern day, intelligent swampy

Your thoughts ?

I’d agree with both of those.

Greta Thunberg? Seriously?

As far as I’m concerned she’s a spoilt, over-indulged, irritating little brat and the sooner she buggers off back to school the better. “You’ve ruined my childhood” Bollocks - the only person who has ruined her childhood is her, by deciding to swan off around the world lecturing the rest of us about things we already know.

It’s not often I agree with Clarkson but I think his rant about her was spot on.

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Lol, even his daughter thinks he’s a bell end.


No, Clarkson is a massive cunt with no redeeming features. Agreeing once with him is once too much. And he’s wrong here. Your “spoilt, over-indulged, irritating” is far better applied to Clarkson than to Thunberg.


Let’s remember, he’s the guy that punched someone because he was hangry.



Would you like a slice of pineapple with that?


If she’s riling middle aged gammon, she’s doing something right. :rofl:


I’ve not been following this closely enough to know the truth.

On the one hand she has gone from being a lone 15 year old standing outside a small country’s parliament once a week protesting about a really, really serious issue to now being a global figure who has woken a whole generation up. In a year. That’s impressive. Her generation will be more hurt by climate change than we and Clarkson will, but we’re the ones in power, so are the only ones who can do anything to mitigate it. We do need kicking. And I am worried (in the abstract at least) that making sacrifices for this will not be good for her happiness in the long term. She is choosing to do it, but is she old enough to be making that choice competently ? I hope the people who are still responsible for her - she is a child after all - are doing their job.

On the other hand she has a tiger by the tail. She is exerting force on politicians and they will respond by doing what they always do - acting to keep themselves in power. It’s important to make sure they’re pushed in the right direction, because they have no natural tendency to do what’s right. If the pushers don’t know what’s right either then the outcome may be a bad one. I’m not convinced yet that she has a convincing way forward worked out. I heard her recently telling some panel of cheesy old guys (US Congress ? UN ? I’m not sure) not to listen to her to but to listen to the professional scientists. IMHO that was the right thing to say/do. Clawing your way across the Atlantic in a wholly unrealistic yacht might not have been. It invites people to ridicule your solutions to the transport problem. She still has plenty to learn.


Gina Miller and Greta

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You always a massive bellend or just making an effort today?


You really need to stop talking to yourself in the mirror.

It’s a remarkable phenomenon. There is really nothing objectively to argue against. It just seems certain middle-aged men have a deep-seated issue with young women challenging their prejudices.


You seem to have confused arrogant with bellend.
Just to make it clear for you as i like to help the hard of thinking:
Your public display of gretarage has advertised that you are a massive throbber of a bellend.

Got it now?

If, as one journeys through life, you find yourself taking a position that aligns with not just Donald Trump, but Aaron Banks, Piers Morgan and Dinesh D’Souza, it is very safe to say you are wrong and should probably commit sepuku as the only suitable way of dealing with the level of shame you bring to your family.


And Clarkson.


The cause is good I don’t disagree there, but I do think Greta is being misused by her parents (who themselves are Eco activists). I worry that she will burn herself out like many others have when put under the spotlight at an early age.

Sorry, I’ve re-read my post and cannot seem to find the bit that says I disagreed with what she said. If you can, could you point it out please?

I think you seem to be confusing the message with the messenger, so to clarify for the over-emotional souls reading this - I have no problem with the former, I find the latter very irritating.

So you’re thin skinned enough to be upset by a teenage girl? :rofl:

They all hate Greta in particular, as do you it would appear.