Hey - You, don't digitize my Foo MFSL

Over the last week there has been an explosion of controversy in audiophile vinyl land about Mobile fidelity with allegations their releases are not ‘All analogue’ In short digitized - The film below will possibly make you want to give up records but the gist is they have been doing something digital and not being too open about their processes. There seems to be a lot of discussion out there surrounding this and the full details are not yet clear. Steve Hoffman forums on meltdown.

You mean that’s a digital squirrel fart at 14:37 of Mingus Ah Um and not a sacred analogue one?



I also use a “one step” album duplication method - it’s a niche process that some call “Dropbox”.

4.28 to 4.30 :rage:

A two second squirrel fart? Had he been on the curry again?

Topic created on 14th July. Now on to page 211 and they’re insulting eachother’s teeth :laughing:

It’s been a rough week for fanbois

Probably my favorite so far


Michael Jackson strikes from the grave to mortally wound MoFi’s credibility and commercial pull :rofl:

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Might as well carry on putting my HiRes downloads onto tape as I like the effect of that as well.

Lot cheaper too!


Surely this is quite a big thing, no ?

Lol, first pressings or go home :grin: enormous trolling opportunities for the evening entertainment.


Mildly interesting, although I reckon he could have said all of that in < 3 minutes if he hadn’t waffled on so much. If he still thinks they sound great, where’s the problem? He did say that MFSL didn’t claim that they were pure analogue recordings.

Maybe all of the purists will be selling off their MFSL records. I hope so, because however they are produced they still sound bloody good - for the most part. Albeit rather expensive.

They strongly hint they are.

I guess for a lot of people if they wanted digital they would just stream it?

I don’t have much MFSL but I have this:

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I have this one I hardly ever play, although it does sound excellent.

Discogs reckons at least £150 although it is up for a lot more in places

Quite -

I has the envy


GAIN 2 Ultra Analog™ is a proprietary cutting system built and designed by legendary design genius Tim De Paravicini, with consultation from one of MFSL’s founding fathers – Stan Ricker, an audio engineer responsible for many of MFSL’s most heralded past releases.

The GAIN 2 Ultra Analog™ system is comprised of a Studer™ tape machine with customized reproduction electronics* and handcrafted cutting amps that drive an Ortofon cutting head on a restored Neumann VMS-70 lathe. (*It is worth noting that independent studies have confirmed that the GAIN 2 Ultra Analog™ system can unveil sonic information all the way up to 122kHz!)

First and foremost, we only utilize first generation original master recordings as source material for our releases. We then play back master tapes at half speed enabling the GAIN 2 Ultra Analog™ system to fully extract the master’s sonic information. Our lacquers are then plated in a specialized process that protects transients in the musical signal. (Due to this process, there may be occasional pops or ticks inherent in initial play back, but as the disc is played more, a high quality stylus will actually polish the grooves and improve the sound). We further ensure optimum sound quality by strictly limiting the number of pressings printed for each release. These limited editions, in addition to being collectors’ items, ensure that the quality of the last pressing matches the quality of the first.