High End Munich 2019: 9-12 May (annual Ruff Berder)


Oh yes please.


Oh bollocks, sorry lads, it needs me to re-confirm my hifiwigwam email address, which I can’t do. Should have checked first. Sorry.


The minimal criminal might be able to sort a few via this site and previous blogs.




It worked the first year but then seemed to generate an issue last year when I was still thinking about going. Can have another stab if people are desperate for trade passes.


What dates are you in Munich, James?


I’m not mate.


Ah, ok.

When you posted about tickets earlier I just assumed it meant you were going.


Booked Friday till Sunday


Forgot to say I’m booked up Thursday 'til Sunday.


The ‘Ruff Berder,’ is that @pmac?


Booked Wed to Sat.