High End Munich 2019: 9-12 May (annual Ruff Berder)



And sweets and bags and stuff.

I’m only going for the Kondo bags again :wink:


Wasn’t he the drummer with jethro tull?



Reassuringly expensive free bags.


Need one for my bag museum


Guy is going. I’m guessing he’ll container freight his ‘findings’ home. Do you think Patch could take him down? I’m not sure there will be much sharing otherwise…

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Received my ticket today.

Not long to wait now :+1:


I’m all booked - probably see you at Munich Airport on the Thursday morning, as usual!


Annual PSA

If you’re going and don’t want to be totally solitary, you need to be in the WhatsApp group. I think @browellm is an admin.

The “High End” app for Android and iOS has useful maps and indices of who is in which room.

For once, Ascension Day doesn’t fall on the Thursday, so there’s no clash with public holidays / all the shops being shut.

I don’t know whether this also affects the big Bavarian derby match that can make the town centre a bit interesting on the Saturday. Anyone?

Hopefully they’ve fixed the pigging U/S bahn which was a massive pain in the crack at the weekend last year.

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I made you an admin which is probably quite important as you’re actually going. You can invite other admins too, I think.

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Mmmm. Pigging

The pork of Bavaria beckons.


How did you know which number was me?

Did the plushy puffer fish grass me up? :smile:

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please could someone visit the verity audio rooms and report back

maybe one day i will get round to going myself one day


Yep - I’m on the dawn SleazyJet from Gatwick


Lots of photos please gents.


Of the food and beer?

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It is what we normally get!


Leaving @ 07:30 Tuesday :+1:


You do know the show doesn’t start until Thursday, don’t you?



You do know I live nearer the Arctic Circle than most polar bears?

Travel to ferry terminal, ferry to Yell, bus to south Yell, ferry to mainland, bus to Lerwick. Have lunch, change money etc. Overnight ferry to Aberdeen, bus to Aberdeen airport, fly to Amsterdam, fly to Munich, Ubahn to hotel. ETA - 6:30pm Wednesday.