Hipster Wanker Tea Thread

Yorkshire Tea!!


FFS man, buy some real tea from China.

Feck off with yer real tea nonsense. I am having another cup of Yorkshire tea in celebration of the all-round wholesome crappiness of the brew.

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If you don’t have to wash the tea first it’s not authentic…ah fuck, is that hipster or am I safe as it’s so different to coffee?

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hahaha, that’s where his tea comes from.

This comes from Japan

But, so does this

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So much want.


There’s a queue for want

That’s fair enough but as far as I know the only tea from India is artificially fermented (speeding up of natural process) as aged tea is more sought after but is done as per English starting off tea production in India. You can get both raw and ripe (fermented) tea from China but their process is different.

I like the raw tea and that’s what I was getting at but only joking really as I also like a cup of Twinings Breakfast Tea :slight_smile:

I drink this

I bought 9 kilos in sealed bags to bring up here. Should last a while :wink:


Haha, Inb4 Fetlar drugs raid scandal.

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I like pu’erh tea and I’ve bought new raw and more expensive aged raw versions (that are more mellow and not as stringent in taste) and I prefer the newer stuff. I expect that’s why I prefer it to the stuff from India as well.

If you use loose tea you might fancy trying some pu’erh!

At this point we need SSM for full tea foo.

I may try that at some point, but happy with the Assam atm. Black, no sugar oc

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SSM should re-join and educate us about oolong and $10k teapots.

I like Assam, ceylon and Darjeeling for every day brews. If I’m feeling exotic I sometimes have a Lapsang Souchong or spicy chai.

Yes, I had a discussion with him. He goes quite far with the temperature of the water, I can’t be arsed with that really.

where do you buy your pu’erh ? I’d like to move on from pu’erh teabags


From China so there are customs charges. Bought teapots and cups from them also.

Have bought from http://www.cantonteaco.com/loose-leaf-tea/type/puerh-tea.html in the UK.

Have you had both raw and ripe and what is your preference if so?