Hamburg and Berlin hotel recommendations please.

We used to go to Berlin almost yearly but now that really hasn’t happened in a while, and I suspect the place where we always stayed, the place with the giant fish tank

is probably still shut.

Just on the off chance that someone has been there recently and is in a position to say “oh yeah, this place is fine”.

Wherever we go we usually just do clean and central, skip the breakfast and eat whatever the locals are having. So basically: not the Adlon.

Bardolino overcast with forecast of rain this evening. Better weather to follow :sunglasses::wine_glass::+1:


The sun is over the yard arm so SWMBO is on it already😉


When in Rome…


Kill me


Their finest album

Not a bad day by the Lake.


Had a nice day wandering around Rome with Gill & FoL#1.

This place was a nice lunch stop.

@pmac Look at the crumb on the loaves on the shelf.

We were wondering how much Prada pays for this location (seen by thousands daily)

Saw 3 very nice Caravaggio’s all together in one church. Becoming a fan, he’s a bit edgy.


Looks great Guy, enjoy!

Reckon you could hide half a pound of butter on one slice of that!

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If not watched already, do watch Rob and Rylan’s Grand Tour. Much better than you might expect, and a nice section on Caravaggio in the Rome episode.

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We did watch and enjoy it. Bike hire along the Via Appia this morning out to the Park of Aqueducts, then train to Florence this pm and the Uffizi tomorrow :+1:


Do try to get to the Catacombs, really interesting.
It’s been way too long since we were there.

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The roof of St Peter’s Basilica has great views and getting up to the roof inside the roof is fun.

Castle on Sermione is interesting and well preserved. The Mille Miglia is coming to Sermione tomorrow.


Prolly too late, but spotting the covered walk from the Palace on the south side of the river to the Uffizi is a nice way to pass some time a you walk around.

No we’re going there in the morning so I’ll have a look for that.

Do you mean the Vasari corridor?

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Interesting day. We were up early, out of the Airbnb by 8 and, via tube & bus, were at the bike rental place by 930.

Picked up the bikes and took off into the Caffarella valley park along trails and finding various old buildings & features scattered amongst the countryside. But we’d realised our train was leaving Rome at 1pm rather than 3 so there was less time to see all the aqueducts than it really needed. We looped back along the old Roman road past various sometimes huge old structures got the bikes back and we’re back at Termini just in time to catch the train which we then learned was cancelled. We were able to get another changing at Orte and enjoyed a leisurely 4hr ride up through Umbria and Tuscany to Florence. The weather is beautiful here at the moment, 28-31C so a stint outdoors was great. Didn’t have time to fly the drone or take many pictures but we’ve resolved to come back and explore the area more thoroughly. So much to look at, too little time today.


Italy is my spirit animal I think.


Follows you like an FMB

The trains (public transport generally) are clean, comfortable and efficient, shops are full of produce and the people seem content. Feels very different to the UK at present, certainly in the cities.

FoL wanted to meet a mate who was coming into Rome yesterday afternoon so he’d upgraded his ticket to a later, super fast bullet train (we don’t have any such equivalent in the UK) and if we did, you’d bankrupt yourself buying a ticket. 170 miles in 1h25 for about £45.


The last time my friends Roman father went home for a visit, somwone pulled a gun on him…so its not all sweetness and light.

Was it a policeman?