Did Olan ever return your copy or did he pass it straight on to Greame?


Why? Are you keen to see the double page feature in that issue of yourself on a Croatian beach surrounded by German studs poised to mouth-rape you?



And I closed the paper porn pawnshop ages ago. My neighbours got up a petition about the clients who visited in person and* the Royal Mail had taken to double bagging the incoming jiffy bags and even then making me go down to the sorting office to collect them.


*After the unfortunate ‘oozing incident’.


Fnar, fnar !!


Have you seen the people at the sorting office ?



Not from THAT angle :thinking:


Isn’t Rob654 something to do with posties?

If so, that is where the package lies. :slight_smile:


Are you aware of the mini heatwave in the UK at present?


Are you aware that Yer Maw keeps calling and texting me?


Took this pic yesterday;



I like the way they are cuddling whilst he’s having a piss into the boats


Aren’t they pretending to take a selfie while actually snapping the creepy photo-stalker behind them ?



The above dish looks repulsive. It also smells like Pmac after an afternoon of peat cutting.

However, it tasted absolutely fucking lush. Truffles in it apparently.

Thankfully ‘The lady will pay for this’ was deployed. :slight_smile:


Mind you, that pic was taken about 1.30pm and the fuckers are repeating on me like Serge in a cable thread.


Missed this, you fucker. You can get to fuck as well with your big-time attitude. :slight_smile:

The Widow Twanky role is to be respected nay revered. Many actors have fallen a-foul of the myriad nuances required to pull her off.


WTF is it? looks like the other dish, only after digestion :stuck_out_tongue:


Neeps & tatties?




Some kind of twirly pasta with truffles in it.

Been on the quench since 10.24 so was slightly tired and emotional when enentually we went lunching.


Presumably that followed you saying, “I’m not paying for that, it looks I puked up my prawn and milk supper”