First time I’ve ever had truffles. Awful to look at and to smell (they have a lot in common with Johnnielady). They do taste nice thankfully.

Pungent and earthy I would say.


Now sitting at bar awaiting wifes arrival and I’m playing find the fucking barman.


Is that the crap they sell to tourists.


Yer Maw sells herself to tourists. :slight_smile:


Dressed down footwear for this evening.

Smart and classic paired with a gingham shirt.

Same socks as yesterday though.




I have just heard it is Widow Wanky. The Adult version.


Bloody typical … you just get all the luck. You’ll get your own fluffer too.



Does it match the tablecloths ?



My God it would be the GAY version. No No and thrice No.


Suffer for your art Dave.


She may do, but she’s mad as a hatter and in an old peoples home.


I call this piece “Pivo on a balcony at 10.15am UK time, whilst others back in the UK are slaving away in single figure temperatures and all I have to worry about is avoiding anything truffle based for the rest of my life”.

I will also, after having a small nan-nap, recount the ‘pudding-gate’ incident of last night.


We also need a shot of today’s footwear.


Beautiful first-day-of-autumn morning here. Daytime highs of 17-19C for the foreseeable OK, the view through my workshop window isn’t quite so photogenic (especially the close-in foreground).



It will only ever be brogue or Samba.

Samba today.

Same socks as yesterday.


Yebbut… it is proper degrees here. Just like watts.

There are watts and there are watts. :slight_smile:


What ?



Wattever. :slight_smile: