Joking aside, I do really like Croatia as a destination and at this time of year.

Still hot and not stupidly busy. Food is great, truffles notwithstanding, and only little over 3 hour flight.

Highly recommended. Remind me to tell you about the pudding incident.


Where did you fly to?

We went a couple of years ago (Trogir) and really enjoyed it. Same time of year & lovely weather.

I’d like to go back although I must admit that Albania also has a certain allure!


Newcastle into Dubrovnic. Montenegro for us next I think.

Perhaps Johnybobby should be elevated to holiday mod on account of him getting about a bit. :slight_smile:


More holidays than Thomas Cook, that JB. :grinning:


Like wac-a-mole on a global scale.

You never know where the silver acrylic haired fucker will pop up next. :slight_smile:


I’d like to wac something else - you had to make sure your feckin knob was featured at the bottom of that pic didn’t you!!?! :roll_eyes:


Too small, must have missed it. Then again I wasn’t looking for it :smile:


That was it on-the-flop too.


In three days I’ll be here…

First two-week holiday I’ve had in 5 years. :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


I’m only jealous cos I’ve not seen mine from that pov for years…

soon though, soon :stuck_out_tongue:


Chuck off Angus, I’m not going away again until Sunday :grinning:


Gotta love a Pivo on high. Missing you all.


You are on the wall then.


Looks a bit overcast.


Sleuthing Bob!. Love Dubrovnic, but fuck me it’s busy.


This table?


Top stalking :slight_smile:


The Chav’s owners sailing dingy has moved!


At Birmingham airport, yes another holiday. Great innit?


Jammy fecker :unamused: