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I know we have discussed this before but despite searching I can’t find the thread.

Hiscox have just given me a renewal for building and contents that has gone up 20%, despite having had no claims. It’s now £938.

I’m looking for a policy with no need for valuations (jewellery) and proper cover for my hifi etc etc.

I know Aviva were mentioned, who else re people using please?

I use M&S which operates in the way you describe, but unfortunately I don’t think my premium is much cheaper than yours.

@Jim has good policy. He uses his like a HiFi fruit machine.


I’ve used a broker in the past but my old firm did a case for him which he lost (fees of £40k) and I’m a bit afraid to ring him :slight_smile:

I use A’Plan as a broker and my policy is with Covea, but to be honest I don’t think mine is much less than your quote. The policy is actually through A’Plan private insurance, which I was referred to through the normal broker as I had some unusual requirements.

Might be worth trying A’Plan just to see if they offer a new customer discount.

:grin: Aviva Distinct - paid out when I landed on three watches too!

I’ve just run a quote for M&S (premium) and it is giving a price of £250 for buildings nad contents combined. Can’t be right. £50k limit for watches and jewellery. Single item limit of £15k.

M&S home ins is actually Aviva.

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I need to review mine this year. I think they’ve been taking the mickey out of my loyalty as per.

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Mine went up to £750 something this year. Got it down to £400 something by shopping around.

now i must be doing something wrong here , i live in the highest risk area and have unlimited contents cover for about 87 pounds a year with aviva . i have never had to claim but i wonder how different they are to hiscox

[ i may have said before but when i had the same policy through a broker it was just under 400 quid ]

pays to go direct

Did you tell them you are Jay Cartwright?


Mine is only £200 with Axa, although I have cheap hifi that doesn’t need specifying.

Try John Lewis

Who,s that then ?

  • 1 Unlimited buildings, all Hi-fi and record collection plus some specific listed valuables for a lot cheaper than £938.

Been getting reamed on my insurance for a few years.

My renewal quote has just come in at over a grand and based on a bit of casual looking I reckon I can get cover at least as good for £400-500.

Mine ended up at about £650, when I included cover for jewellery / watches when away from home / abroad.

Yeah you can get useful things like legal cover and the like and still pay well under £500.

Spend some time on the websites and check how much the add-ons cost. Bikes were expensive for me, say, so I didn’t bother.

I found having accidental damage on policies makes them quite a bit more expensive so have cut that out , the utterly stupid thing is that we get charged for under 100 quid for contents cover and quoted 5k for car insurance for the nipper !!!

My renewal with M&S (Aviva) is about £70 cheaper than last year. I’m amazed.

Claims for people with life changing injuries requiring full on medical care for the rest of their lives + damages due to car crashes comes out a lot more expensive than a burglar nicking your telly.