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My John Lewis Premium Select has gone down from £600 to £570. Unlimited buildings and contents for £450 . Contents includes all my hi-fi and vinyl collection !!! They know about them as I specifically told them and drew their attention to the replacement costs just to be sure. Admittedly the burglars would need a big tail lift truck, lots of time and probably would think it all is obsolete.
The additional premium is for high cost valuables jewelry etc.


M&S renewal has arrived. The premium has gone up £70 to £650. I just rang Hiscox for a quote - even with my Law Society 10% discount it came in at £1,200. The excesses were low but still. I think I’ll be sticking with M&S (Aviva).

Mine went up a fair bit as well, I need to check prices as usual :roll_eyes:

try A’Plan Private. Went to A’plan in St Albans, they couldnt help, but put me on A’Plan Private. premium is just about £900

I’m with AXA Cherish, unlimited building and contents, no conditions. Premium is under £700.

This years renewal £585, an increase of £15, with John Lewis Premium Select

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Another thumbs up for M&S all my precious and the wife’s stuff plus buildings for just over £400 p/a.

Thanks fucking safari for scrolling miles down this shitpile and making me think this was a current thread. Fucking technology hates me. Piss moan bollocks.

Every post is relevant.

To someone :thinking:


Renewal quote from M&S Premium

New quote on the exact same cover.



Is the new quote with M&S too ?

Same cover, same policy, same provider, same start date.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :woozy_face:

On the one hand, I rejoice.

But fuck me, turf accountants have more integrity.


Autorenewals = #thedevil’ssmegma

New rules soon, has to be same or cheaper than new customer

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I had that with M&S renewal was nearly £800
I rang them and they said that was the best they can do.
Went on a comparison site and got more comprehensive cover from Halifax for £273.
Guess what I did.

Hi Tim, was that M&S Premier? I find that policy is in decent sweet spot between the moneybags ones like Hiscox and the cheap compaison site versions where if you mentioned pre-amp you’d get a blank look.

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Can’t believe you stuck with M&S.

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Switched from Hiscox last year to LV and I’m paying £151 that includes all the hifi shite and watches etc (contents only)