Horns in a VERY small room

Worth considering or pointless ?

Have you got a saw?

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They work pretty well in my 5mx5m room

Reckon 5x7 would be perfect

Maybe try some Frugal horns.

I sit about 1m from mine much of the time. You just need to design them so they make sense in your space.

Not sure I’d really recommend any commercial designs though. DIY.

Go for it.

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@SteadySteve aren’t yours set-up in a similar attic room?

I remember seeing a picture of them cleverly arranged, seemed great.

What does Japanman say?

Very single man says “Yes”.


If you get something with conventional active bass or DSP like Finos or Zeros then the horn directivity can come into its own, reducing side wall reflections allowing you to push them hard into corners.


Also have a physically small footprint.

I had some Frugal Horns and they worked well.

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How much you actually wanna spend will help scope this out.

(As well as how long you intend keeping them :rofl:)

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Cheap commercial horns will be shit. You either need expensive ones, with DSP as Mark suggests, or you need to build your own.

If you build your own, you could get something for a grand or two that will destroy any commercial systems at a sane price. But you’ll have to design/build yourself and build to your room.

The control you get over the response from going active/DSP means that they will work in any room. It’s just a matter of whether you actually want to go that route.

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Please don’t laugh yet. Encourage, make him believe. It’ll be the greatest comedy of all time once he actually starts.

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Are those Uccello horns still up for grabs? I’d just stump up the money for those lovely lumps.

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Would open baffle not be a better option - note I don’t know what I’m talking about just felt the need to add something of no use to the discussion.

This is the way.


How about some Zingali’s ?

Certainly genuinely interested, but knowing literally nothing about them, I’m at the discovery stage at the minute. Is there such a thing as a “Horns for Dummies” book that would give me an idea of available options, or if such a speaker is possible at least ?

Price wise, a grand or two is about the right ballpark.