Horse Racing


Sadly, yet again, I’ve got to fucking work :frowning_face:. I will record it though and watch when I get home

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I’d already lost the best part of £100 on antepost bets that aren’t running due to injury (including £20 on Le Richebourg @ 50/1 for the Arkle :scream:) but today’s news that Honeysuckle (who I had backed at 20/1) misses the meeting makes that pale into insignificance. All my life changing accumulators up in smoke.:weary::weary::weary::weary::weary:


I’ve only had a couple of antes but to much smaller stakes. I learnt my lesson with those bets a few years ago. They’re great when they come off but you do need a decent bank to start with and be prepared for the crap when it, inevitably, does happen. If I do them now I always look for NRNB.

Unlucky with your Arkle bet though. That would have been very nice. How long ago did back it?


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Any tips for the National ?


Bet on a horse. HTH :+1:

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Their first LP was alright, the rest of it is pretty poor though.


It’s a multi-step process…

  1. Find lucky pin
  2. Open newspaper at appropriate page
  3. Close eyes
  4. Stick pin in newspaper
  5. Open eyes and realise you’ve missed the page
  6. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until horse has been selected
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You’ll upset @unclepuncle by giving out trade secrets so freely. Poverty and homelessness beckons for the Nation’s bookies with that level of sophistication to contend with.

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My Grandfather was truly ambidextrous, we always said he developed this skill so he could fill in two betting slips at the same time.

We had the misfortune of being in York, during the races last year, I’ve never seen more obnoxious pissed up blokes in shiny suits since I was taken out in Canary Wharf on a Friday night.


Sadly this is what racing has become. Jumps meetings are less so, but the summer flat meetings are just an excuse to drink loads, take coke and generally behave like a cunt.
I used to go racing a lot but not so much anymore due to the lager / coke boys.

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You have clearly never been to Aintree for the Grand National. This is a festival of inebriated youth in ill-fitting blue suits with tan shoes accompanied by orange tinged women with muffin tops and sculpted eyebrows offset by eyelashes you could shelter under teetering about on pornstar shoes. All of this fun and glamour is overseen by chuntering gammon in the expensive enclosures. The horses are merely an excuse for an afternoon of excess.

I shall stay indoors and ignore it.


And what’s wrong with that, exactly (I can think of cheaper excuses, mind) ?



I am actually quite proud of the fact that I’ve never bet on a horse race, not even a sweepstake at work…

…and doubt that I ever will.

It’s a fucking mugs game :smirk:

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Actually it is pretty cheap. Absolutely nothing wrong with excess done properly though.


me as well :+1: I saw my parents having to sub my grandparents constantly when I was a kid, as my grandfather spent every penny on the horses.

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My dad used to race greyhounds,sadly they are much faster than humans,so it was a bit of a pointless exercise