Horse Racing


Sadly, yet again, I’ve got to fucking work :frowning_face:. I will record it though and watch when I get home


I’d already lost the best part of £100 on antepost bets that aren’t running due to injury (including £20 on Le Richebourg @ 50/1 for the Arkle :scream:) but today’s news that Honeysuckle (who I had backed at 20/1) misses the meeting makes that pale into insignificance. All my life changing accumulators up in smoke.:weary::weary::weary::weary::weary:


I’ve only had a couple of antes but to much smaller stakes. I learnt my lesson with those bets a few years ago. They’re great when they come off but you do need a decent bank to start with and be prepared for the crap when it, inevitably, does happen. If I do them now I always look for NRNB.

Unlucky with your Arkle bet though. That would have been very nice. How long ago did back it?