Hotel recommendations between Glasgow airport to Monklands Hospital

I’m finally going to make good on my promise and head up to Monklands to take a look at their chemo day unit.

I’m travelling up this Sunday, hopefully getting a short flight from Bham to Glasgow. Any recco’s for somewhere to stay from the locals?

Not very eco friendly that flight. Can you not take a train or drive?

Are you fucking kidding me? I haven’t flown anywhere for over a two decades, business or holiday.

I also don’t eat meat which is the other big cause of environmental harm.

Get to fuck with you.


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How are you getting to Monklands Hospital Wayne as it’s out near Airdrie so a bit of a jaunt from Glasgow city centre.




That would be the safest way :grinning:


I haven’t stabbed anybody in the face, doesn’t mean it is okay if I want to get a bit stabby at the weekend.

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Both the Glasgow Hilton and the Glasgow Marriott are very close to the M8 so handy for the airport on Sunday and for getting out to Monklands on Monday morning.

They’re both bland modern 4 star hotels. For high class Victorian elegance try the Glasgow Grosvenor in the west end. It’s also in a better area for pottering about, wee shops, nice bars and restaurants, record shops etc.

If you fancy a bit of luxury you could go for the Kimpton

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So tell me about your holidays requiring flights over the last 20 years Mark…

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Gonna have to be a taxi out somewhere it’s relatively easy to get into the hospital for 8am on Monday morning.

Might be worth staying in Coatbridge if it’s an early start ?

I haven’t stayed in any of these hotels so please don’t kill me if they’re shite :grinning:


Either very thick or lame trolling

Does he drive a diesel?

I have probably flown a few hundred times over the last twenty years.
Wouldn’t fly domestic though.

That or the Dakota at euro central are the only ones I can think of nearby, even at that the Dakota wont be walking distance and there is nothing near it. Coatbridge isn’t exactly a tourist hotspot.
Best option if you are going to have any more than a couple of hours to kill is to stay in Glasgow and jump the train (circa 20mins to Coatdyke which is pretty much next door to the hospital) or just cab it which I reckon will be around the £40 mark. You’ll need to be getting that cab around 07:15 to make it there for 08:00 during rush hour.
If you do stay in Glasgow, go to Monorail, pick up some records, have a pint and enjoy some of their vegan fare. It’s vegan pub grub but I’ve had a lot worse.

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Then you can’t lecture anyone about environmental matters, duh

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Was the discussion about internal flights?
Did you just jump in without thinking it through?