How do you feel? (Part 1)

if a colleague’s fiance was going to Korea next week on business.


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I wouldn’t go.
As usual the Foreign Office advice is not a straightforward yes/no

Not even a question mark. This place has gone to the dogs.


Would depend on which one of them you are having the affair with.


North or South Korea?


No problem, we could do with thinning out the population a bit so that we can enjoy more of the Brexit dividend each.


I feel like that…just not about my wife or 4 year old.

Or 87 year old mother or seriously ill father.

Pffft, typical NIMBY :roll_eyes: :wink:


Worth checking the company’s health insurance policy to find out what happens if the shit hits the fan.

Fwiw I wouldn’t go near that neck of the woods at the moment.

Besides, if the trip is important the MD can go instead.(assuming he/she isn’t the md).

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Other restaurants are available in Korea.


I wouldn’t have much of an issue with the Korea bit. I would be very, very concerned about the various airport terminals and hubs you stage through and would be very uncomfortable about the thought of being on an aircraft with the contamination risk for such long periods of time. Unless it was absolutely vital to go now, and I doubt it is, I would sack it off.


Agreed. I don’t know if she told me to sound me out about it, or if she herself is concerned. Will gently investigate next week.

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Could be pretty much the same for the next couple of months ? How long can it be delayed for ?

Statistically speaking she’ll probably be OK for the next week or two. It hasn’t blown up in Korea yet. It hasn’t even really blown up in China. In a flu epidemic year in the UK, which is more years than not, we get the thick end of a million cases in a population of 60-odd million. 20,000 die here. China has just gone through 30,000 cases (plus however many went to bed and toughed their way through it without contacting a doctor) in 1.3 billion of them, with 600-odd deaths.

She should keep her hands clean, eat in up-market places and try to sit next to Europeans on planes. I think I’d risk it. My biggest worry would be some general panic causing me to be quarantined when I got back.


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I have a reputation for not letting stuff get in the way of travel for work. I would probably refuse/reschedule this trip if it were required of me.

Again, it all comes down to how vital the trip is. If it can be reasonably rescheduled then I would do that. Two weeks in quarantine in Arrowfield does not appeal to me one bit.

If it could be rescheduled for when this is over then I might too. But if the trip has to happen some time in the next 4-5 months then I’d get it over with now. I take it she’s under 50 and in good respiratory and cardio-vascular health ? If she’s 73 and has COPD then I wouldn’t go at all.


The fiance who is going is a man. He sells machinery to factories out there. He’s about 50. From his point of view best to go now I suppose.

One less salesman in the world is always a blessing.

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What business is it of yours where her fiancé travels? Or am I missunderstanding something :thinking: