How much of Pete's house will need to come down this time?


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Cooooool! I want. :heart_eyes:

I can send world

Proof these are so big, it’s easier to ship the world to these.




You planning some sort of ship to shore type system up there?

They’d be great as foghorns

I loved the 12 & 13 combination they played in Munich a few years ago. Utterly spectacular on some pieces.

Did they add additional bass with the 12 and 13?

Are there any of these in the UK?

Want to go halves?

No,think you should buy some though for the garage

I am lusting, practical placement thinking is joyless. I will buy one and worry about where to put it later.

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You must have the best collection of single speakers already

One? One?!! I know you have lots of mono records but what about the stereo ones?

Something big and black lurks…?

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I’m not sure I could fit two of these in…

Think Ritchie has the biggest room on AA,so guess he will need to get a pair.

This pain runs deep, I may soon sacrifice an ear

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I have been (Foced to) listen in Mono for the last few months and don’t miss the STEREO illusion that much