Woke up at five this morning.

Excitement about the show?

(Or a warning I may fall asleep in someone’s room!).


Kralk. Audio room…note the Jbl lookalikes!sounds bloody good too


Quite a lot of speaker for £1300.



Cable lifters ftw.


Alpacapower donkey girth fail on the cables though



Is the acrylic deck by the Funk guys?


You’re missing nowt in the footy lads. Boring as fuck.


Is it sad to be at the show and sat in front of a projector watching it?

They will struggle to keep ten men outfield at this rate. We might get ten.

I suspect this half will be injury avoidance and keep ball for all but HK


Watching on the laptop sod the hi fi


Can’t remember what room it was



Foooo yaa


What are these please?


They’re JBLs. I can’t remember the model number. They were in a room with Primare and Emotiva hifi.


Them Kralk Audio TDB-12s, from Wakefield are faster than a ferret up a bloody drainpipe & no mistake. Gradely speaks for 1200 quid.




Looks like they might be the Synthesis 4429 “bookshelf” speaker. 32.3kg each. That’ll be an American bookshelf then.


Great to see @Spider and Kate making a go of selling their Velvet Vortex record cleaner. I hope they had a load of orders. I love mine.


Good to see Tim doing well with the V Vortex.
A number of dealers got him to clean their vinyl yesterday & were very pleased with the results.
Am running mine for the 1st time & its a brilliant bit of kit.

After an enjoyable 1/2 hour in the Kralk room, I went into Edison room opposite.
It was empty.
So after 5 mins, and its still empty, asked if he would play a track off my CD, Craig Armstrong.
Whats it like?
Orchestral, vocals, electronica.
Havent got that. I’ve got Madonna. (Like thats really so feckin similar)
So will you not play my CD?
I dont know it, so NO!
At which point I left. Before saying something we’d both regret.
Have heard these stories before, usually about some big hifi brand.

Otherwise a very pleasant, well organised show, with friendly helpful staff on hand.


You can ask him yourself. @sjs :rofl::rofl::rofl: