I hate Straya


Is there actually anywhere nice in Aus at all? I’ve not kept a running list but it sounds like almost every city has been described as a shithole in this thread.


Sydney Harbour is one of the great views of the world.


This is true. The harbour is beautiful. Unfortunately, Sydney is a fucking sweaty dump with little to recommend it other than the road out of town.


I liked Margaret River and Denmark was nice in an Olde Worlde sort of way


Lots of Japanese restaurants though.


That bit in the middle where there are no strayans.


Apart from the original fellas though


There are some lovely places. Like Kangaroo Island…


Please note the complete absence of Strayans.


And kangaroos ?



Hiding in the scrub.


Sneaky bastards those kangaroos.


No doubt it has other charms.


That’s why the 'roos are hiding in the scrub :rolling_eyes:


The salties would make short work of those sharks in the shallows


Read about it here

Fuckin’ snakes…


My Mum has a resident Brown which has eluded 7 (yes 7 !) attempts at capture by professionals.


I really dislike snakes ever since one had a pop at me in Turkey. Sneaky bushwacking bastard, it didn’t reckon on fleet of foot Johnny and the copious amounts of shit I produced to throw at it. They don’t like shit, it slithered back into the undergrowth.


When I was a nipper I walked into a beach bar with a green mamba on the end of a stick, never seen so many people move so quickly:)