I hate Straya



Pah. Facts don’t scare Poms like a good reptile lie :smirk:


I never knew horses could sting - only in straya…


Strayan horses drive pick ups, carry guns, and prey on backpackers.




M’eh snakes. It’s the fuckin’ zombie Koalas that I’m worried about:


Ahhhh ! Terrorlostralis !


The only thing I’d disagree with from your list is the local food, which I thought was excellent.
Drank a LOT of good wine while I was there too…
I liked Perth a lot in many ways but it had a dark undercurrent too.
Some pretty fucked up people mainly.
Much preferred the West Coast to the East…probably because the population is a lot smaller!


Don’t they live on berries and tree bark?


They dream of berries. And nobody talks about tree bark…NOBODY !


Yes, it can be good. But it is served by Strayans. Turns my stomach enough to make it difficult to eat.


Love the strayan Adder.

What the fuck shall we call this snake Bruce.

Well mate, it’s an Adder

Yea, but what type Bruce

Well it kills you mate, how about Death Adder

Yea, that’ll fucking do Bruce.



That is not an Australian or Catholic problem alone. If you widen ‘abuse’ to include physical and mental abuse of children rather than just sexual abuse, then I doubt 7% would cover it in terms of Ireland. I had a pint with some of my old school friends and we reckoned about 10% of the priests we dealt with were guilty of sexual abuse, but if you included priests who would cane you repeatedly or verbally humiliate students then you are looking at something like 25-30%. The banning corporal punishment in Ireland some time in the late 1970’s/early 1980’s was a huge improvement, although the verbals were horrendous in my last couple of years at school.

Bastards the lot of them.


Would corporal punishment be classified as “abuse” though - it was accepted back then. I left school aged 16 with my backside in ribbons - mainly for smoking. Some of the teachers seemed to take great pleasure from it.


I would characterise a lot of it as abuse. Some of it was probably assault. If the person administering the punishment is having fun it is abusive IMHO.


I totally agree Olan, but If I (or others) went to a police station to report it as historical abuse, fuck all would happen.


It’s interesting that there seems to be a line drawn, such that historic sexual abuse is investigated, but physical abuse is not. I wonder if it’s deliberate.


Not interested in that at all. We were comparing notes about our experiences and what would happen to anybody who tried that shite on with our kids. I got the odd slap which didn’t bother me, but some of my mates were on the receiving end of shocking verbal abuse that still upsets them. I’m not having that happening to my daughters.


A lot of this is before my time, so my thoughts are slightly speculative, but is it not the case that things like corporal punishment were considered acceptable at the time, and therefore aren’t being persued, whereas sexual abuse was never considered acceptable? This is by no means a justification btw, just a speculation on why the current view is as it is.