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I suspect that’s right. In my state secondary school corporal punishment was practised, although I have to say not very often (maybe once or twice a month ?) and only ever by the headmaster. He had his faults, but depravity wasn’t among them AFAIK and I don’t think he did it for fun. Mostly it was a deterrent - I think he felt that whenever he used it it had already failed. It seems that the modern replacement is exclusion. If the stories in the press are to be believed then that can be pretty damaging too. Sorting troubled kids out requires genuine care and dedication and that must be hard to achieve in a system which is under pressure.



The cane, slipper and other implements were used in my school. The poor recipient of the cane had to go and get the punishment book and walk it to the Dep Head, receive the beating and then walk it back. Never bloody worked and it was always the same boys receiving it. Even as a kid i never liked nor trusted the teachers involved in it, it was just plain brutal. Some of the teachers would use a plimsoll without so much as a by your leave. I remember one lad being chased around the gym by an enraged teacher as he was lashing out at him. It wasn’t illegal, so no retrospective court cases.

Today it would quite rightly be seen as abuse.

I should add that some of the younger (less than 40 year old) teachers at our school did not believe in it and would not issue a punishment that would result in a child being caned.

This was 76 - 81, the beatings ended in 86 when the Government banned it in any school that received any state funding. Private school children had to wait until 98 for similar protection.

I think it is shameful it took so long to end.


I should add that in 2005 the change in law was challenged by a number of private Christian schools on the basis that it breached their religious freedoms. Cunts!


Edge of the ruler across the knuckles was popular when I was growing up. Up until 1973 anyway.


One of the gym teachers kept brand new cheap woolworth plimsoles with the ribbed rubber sole,as it would hurt more.

Geography bloke would lob the wooden board duster.

Only one who gave the cane was the deputy head.


Our woodwork teacher made a rounders bat and engraved ’ the board of education’ onto it - backwards.
He’d wipe it with the board duster prior to whacking your arse leaving an almost indelible print of his slogan on your britches arse once justice had been served. Having the piss taken out of you in the schoolyard quickly made even the most miscreant wise up. Strangely, it took a lot to annoy him and he was a well liked bloke.


When I was in school in Dublin (late 60s) my school, run by the Holy Ghost Fathers, had one priest who’s sole responsibility was to dish out punishment. He was a brutal man and had the ‘job’ title of Dean of Discipline. Others there would happily dish out punishment (canings, smacks around the head, etc) during class time, but to be called to Father D… meant serious pain.


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I went to private school and it was par for the course, slipper for minor offences but the cane for major ones and fuck me did that hurt.

The metalwork teacher was an utter psychopath who used a 3 ft 5mm steel rod instead of cane and it wasn’t the pain as much as seeing the look of glee on the depraved cunts face.


I was on the end of a lot of caning and slippering. Now as an adult I find it unthinkable that grown men used to think beating children with sticks and the like was ever an effective method of instilling discipline/ obedience. Of course for some it was just a way of venting their frustrations and anger at their inadequacy.


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