I hate Straya


How very dare you :angry:

I am NOT a tradie :construction_worker_man:

And I have never* owned a ute…

*well, hardly ever :relaxed:


Sorry, it was the ute without rego that fooled me. Ubiquitous in SA I believe…





Registration = Road Tax Fund


Plays for the same Footy team as Davo and Tommo.





Wendy isn’t that the Australian Rugby team? The Wendybies. :nerd_face:



I wouldn’t know. I have a greater contempt for Rubgbyists than Golfists


Topical downunda at the mo…


This has to be real. It even has a www page: https://spaceaustralia.com.au/



This tourism campaign was real as I recall so why not ARSE?



Many years ago Northern Territory Brewery was bought by Carlton United and became, yes, you guessed it, Carlton United Northern Territory.

There’s more than a few cunts around those parts.





Meh. Not as hard as they think they are.



Yeah, it’s been in the pipeline for a while now. Been deferred a couple of times but without a decent export deal, Aussie car manufacturing can’t survive with such a small market.

Sad but true.


The end of the Aussie car industry is a big loss of national identity. 20yrs ago I could never have expected it to be all gone by 2017. A victim of tariffs and failure to evolve with rapidly changing buyer expectations meant the writing was on the wall, in huge letters.