I hate Straya


This is true. Also, most of the domestic designs were truly awful. The Commodore and the Falcon were just crap. OK the utes were fun, but with one or exceptions the cars designed and built in Straya were completely pants.


Phase 3, A9X, XU-1, VH Gp3, it was the homologation specials that gave the Aussie car industry a real purpose and interest for me. They were crazy days, bookended by the Giocattolo and VN GpA. RIP



This sort of thing? Not really doing it for me…


That is a VL GpA the model prior to the VN. I know you are strayan but if you have spent a good part of your life in the UK most of the cars I mentioned probably don’t mean much to you. Like a lot of the 70/80’s British stuff which doesn’t really do much for me.

I owned many of the cars I mentioned after growing up admiring them so they hold a special place for me.


I loved the Homologation Specials. My fave of all my cars was this…

Not my pic but my actual car.


Love it Ozie, mine was white but I like yours better :heart_eyes:


I had a XTGT, a Phase II and an XBGT which were heavily modified but this was my fave.


That looks like a mk2 cortina on steroids. Like it.


without sounding like I am bragging - fortunate to have owned a Phase 3, 3 x XU-1, XA GT, VK GpA, VL Walkinshaw, 2 x A9X, Giocattolo. Oddly I never owned my teenage favourite of the lot, the VH Gp3. Not gonna happen now I guess :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


A weee bit quicker though :wink:


Good collection. Many of these we can only dream about owning now. There are plenty of copies about but getting the real ones are for those richer than I.

My only hope now is to find the necessary parts and transport for this…


Not surprising with a 351 (cubic inch presumably) engine. What’s that - about 6 litres?


5.8 litres :+1:


For the record, it was the car I did my driving test in :grin:


The examiner probably wasn’t phased, with it being Oz, imagine if you turned up at the local test centre here in one of them :rofl:


What is the Oz drivng test?

Can you start it? Yes
Do you know where the brake is? Yes
Have you stolen this car? No
Are you pissed? Possibly

Ok, you’ve passed


It was 41 years ago :wink:


You, my son. can fuck off.


Bought a car in Oz and brought it over, not really too expensive. You only live once Oz :+1:


Any chance of a lift?