I will soon be 44: should I own a pressure washer?

  • Of course, you are but a child fumbling on the edges of acceptance into male society if you don’t own one.
  • No, pressure washers are from a bygone age of male caricature; a high powered motor and adjustable wand do not maketh the man.
  • I don’t know, let’s talk pressure washers and find out.

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Kinell… live near me, same age as me…

I’ve got one. In fact I have two, and one is buggered.

I use it every year to wash my patio down. You could do a home demo with it? Needs expensive cables, though, to lift the veil…

I remember 44 - it was shit.

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Pressure washers are ace. How else could you do stuff like this:

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Buy yourself a titanium cock ring instead.

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A bidet is safer than a pressure washer.


Only if you intend to use it to clean records, then tell us how to do it without ruining them.

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Boutros Boutros Ghali, scorchio

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44 was too long ago for me to care, Junior.

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I have one already at less years. Less about age, more about middle-class pointlessness.

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I’m 46, and I’ve had one about two years…

You have to own one. It will never leave the shed, and may indeed still be in the box, but ownership is compulsory.

You should own one. It is a useful tool and will not, in any way, confirm your inevitable and steady slide into old age.
Mind you, buy the patio cleaner attachment and you’re fucked.

I have the patio attachment :sob:


Me too.

It’s awesome.

I’m 50.

Commiserations my friend :wink:

I’m 58. What’s a pressure washer ?

I tried pressure once. I didn’t like it much. I’m getting along OK with washing though (not ‘doing the washing’ of course …).



Me too, I’m only 47.

I didn’t get the reel attachment though, which was a serious oversight.

I’m nearly 50 and clearly have missed out on a pressure washer as my life feels strangely incomplete. On the other hand, I’ve wasted my money on the finer things in life, other than adequate Hi Fi, a muffin at Scalford, or an Astra and feel no great sense of regret. Perhaps when I am 70 I will need a pressure washer, but I doubt it as I’ll still be saving for the muffin. As for the Astra…:cry:

With roaring wand in hand it is difficult to not feel you could take down Chuck Norris. Of course it is possible to be irresponsible and immature with the power washer and that is why my wife confiscated mine.