IC: Bordeaux Bakeoff

Now that I’ve acquired the bits for a moderately competent system (not that I’ve connected them together yet), would anyone be up for a Bordeaux Bakeoff? Got tons of space here, and there’s also a B&B next door too. Fully understand this is unlikely to be a single day affair for most people. If you can get your arse to Bordeaux airport though, we can manage the rest (probably).

Date to be worked out in due course.

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This works too. You actually go within about 200m of our house on the route down to Bordeaux.

I’m up for it, depending on dates and work commitments :grinning:

Well I bloody love Eurostar and the TGV. Date-dependent there would be a lot of negotiations with the wife regarding french food, missing out versus putting up with fat hifi dorks.

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Sounds like an excuse for a road trip in the 911 :grinning:


You really are a glutton for punishment. I’ll see if the Gendarme are due to go on strike this summer at any point.


Should probably make sure the kitchen is finished before any date occurs.

Would love to / no chance sadly :frowning:

Put me down as a possible please

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You can bring the dogs, loads of room here.

Cash, time, passports, travelsick dog, Sam unkeen, builders, &c &c &c &c

I could really use a European roadtrip, all told, but NFC.

Going to be a busy year but could potentially EV the shit of this as a road trip.

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Well I have one shot at getting off island this year. The good news is that it could be for a month or so, if I want to be away for that long.

Potential attractions (in addition to spending some time with my Dad and visiting a few friends) are High End Munich (looking unlikely - very expensive) Lopwell or the alternative venue, Settle, or this - which is very tempting! It’s been too long since I visited that area.

I’m due a chat with my live-in dog minder, so depending on dates, I’m interested.

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Love the place.
Nearly met the last trip, but not the best timing as my whole family was out there and it was more about that and an anniversary.
Any excuse to go to France and I’m up for trying.

If you do manage to make it, go here.
Bordeaux Wine School : Wine courses, Oenology lessons, Bordeaux Wine discovery (ecoleduvindebordeaux.com)
Magnificent establishment. Great wine, cheese, snacks, all local produce. It rivals anywhere in the city for quality. you don’t need to go to the Michelin star establishments to get a real taste of France.

I fucking love Bordeaux

Will come if I can get a lift and contribute to costs. :+1:

Would love to come, but I think the logistics involved mean that it is unlikely.

Sounds fantastic, I would love to come, depending on dates.

Well this all looks very promising. I’ll take a look at some suitable dates, and have a chat with next door about availability, and any kind of bulk discount we can get on rooms (they’re good friends so this shouldn’t be a problem). I’m assuming that outside of the school holidays is going to work best for everyone on that front.