IEM or CB headphones maybe BT?

I have lost my shure E2 IEM.
They were great and I need to replace them with something .
For use mainly on trains and planes etc and mainly listening to podcasts or Spotify via my Pixel 2 Googlephone.
The phone only has USB C so I would have to carry an adaptor for wired monitors or headphones.
not a deal closer but it is faff.
This leaves the bluetooth option.
I have tried these

They were very disappointing and went back so maybe I have to up the budget (They were £169.00)
So are all bluetooth headphones as bad? Or is it just because they are closed back?

Maybe I would be better off sticking to wired IEM ?
Budget £200 - £300

i have done a bit of googling and looking at reviews and that lead me to the Audio Technica. So that approach doesn’t seem to work.

What are other people using?

I dont get on with IEMs, have tried and tried and tried. Currently have a pair of:

laying about doing nothing.

I went to the wired (for budget reasons) version of these:

I am told the wireless version is excellent


Thanks for the reply.
Interesting regarding the Sony, I have had the headphones in the same range recommended.

I think Richer stock them and the Sennheisser. Might pop in over Easter and try them.

I have the Sennheiser Momentum true wireless. Sound wise I really like them, well balanced with a nice smoothness to them. I had Airpods before them, which are shit sounding, so I might just be easily pleased. They’re pretty big for an iem though, and the touch controls are a bit hit and miss. Charging can be a bit temperamental as well, I find there is a bit of play when they’re in their slots in the charging case, and if I don’t rotate them inwards then sometimes the left one doesn’t charge. Minor quibbles though once you’re aware of them, for me the lack of cables is worth it. Oh, and the lovely female voice when you put them in - “power on, connected”!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I have the previous iteration of the Sonys Kev and they are excellent. Maybe not the best headphones ever but much better than the Bose and Senheiser BT- NC that I tried. They get a bit hot to wear in the summer but they are very adjustable and you can get them to stay still while moving around. If they have improved the noise cancelling then that will be very good indeed! The touch controls are brilliant; hold your hand over the right earpiece to turn on a mic and turn off the music so you can have a conversation. Double tap to stop and vice versa. You can adjust the volume and you can also select different ‘ambient sound’ options which filter in different ways, so you can hear voices while the music plays. I thought all that was a bit gimmicky at first but now I have got used to them I use all the features- they are really well thought out and in over 18 months of heavy usage, they have coped really well. I had a pair of Denon IEMs before these which were magical. They really did the trick where it just felt you were in the middle of the music, they just disappeared! While the Sony don’t manage that, they are good enough, with tight bass and the mid and treble are non fatigue-ing. I killed the denons when the lead caught the arm rest on the train, which is exactly the same way I killed the previous pair! No such problem with the Sony obviously, it is really nice not to be tethered!

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I bought one of my daughters the Sennheisers and she loves them, the sound OK, not super great, but OK.

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I bought a pair of Sennheisser PX 550 before Christmas after having being reccomended them here: Wireless headphones

I’ve been very happy with them, with the slight caveat that the pads can get a wee bit warm after extended listening, but I just get the au pair to blow softly on my ears once in a while and all is well again

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I have a pair of these and they put a smile on my face every time I use them. Wired though, but I use them on trains and planes all the time. Better with an Apple phone, as you can use their Cipher DAC cable, but also excellent with normal jack cable. The RRP was up around the 5-600 mark, but you can pick them up cheaper if you hunt around.

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Thanks guys, some great ideas here to think about.
No one uses IEM’s now then?
I really liked the Shure ones that I lost.

Bit late to this thread, but try the AZ-KTE IEMs . Stupidly good for the money. It won’t cost you much to try a pair and you may be surprised. I think they are only on sale through ebay & Amazon.


Many thanks to everyone who contributed.
I tried a few things, realised that bluetooth is just not as good as directly wired.
Also realised that I don’t really like wearing headphones that much, bald head and headband thing don’t seem to go very well together.

I ended up with these

They are available from Richer Sounds (without the bluetooth kit) for £175 with an extra tenner off for Easter.

Really happy with them :grinning:


I’ve got them, got them off Aliexpress iirc. They’re decent.

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I have used Shure in ear headphones for years and really like them. Good price from RS, may have to get some :+1: