If cars were watches

So, what watches / car brands equate to each other.

Porsche are like Rolex (spit) - expensive, availability deliberate limited, and the average bloke’s idea of a flash car. Ugh, I hate myself now.

Tesla is an Apple smart watch? other EVs are knock off versions?

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Casio = Honda
Seiko = Lexus

Porsche Design = Porsche


Or, more accurately Toyota MR-2 kit car version of 911.

I hate to disillusion you, but it’s actually whatever their favourite footballist drives. I’m not sure Porkers are even on the radar.

All the heaps of back street kit car builders with ads in the back of Autocar = every watch Sod has posted on here.

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Breguet = Bugatti
A Lange & Sohne = Bentley
Panerai = Alfa Romeo
Glashutte Original = BMW
Zenith = Mercedes

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More the whole of the barryboys forum.


Had a Timex once, it was always fast, so must have been an Astra :smirk:


Copy Cartier = MG

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Expensive but a bit naff - Grand Seiko?


Nothing naff about Grand Seiko

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This thread has massive popcorn potential.


Koenigsegg= Richard Mille. There’s some undoubted engineering there but it’s horribly horribly gauche.

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Ferrari La Ferrari = Richard Mille
Merc G Wagon = Audemars Piquet

I would guess my old Kia is something like a Sekonda.

Worthless & not very pretty

but it works and costs fuck all to run.

Not sure why but I would have pegged porker man to be a Cartier boi.

Rolex = Merc Boi

Patek = Bristol

Omega = Aston Martin

(Both trade on their connection to a fictional character)

In their dreams. In reality, Maybach.