If I had to own 3 live Jazz Albums

… what would you recommend ?

Legendary performances, great playing and atmosphere, great recording, available on vinyl at reasonable prices.

What would you recommend ?

Modern Jazz Quartet Last Concert.

Depends on the style of Jazz. It’s like asking for a live Rock album.

Fair point. Basie era / styley Jazz

That’s me out :smile:

Allow me to explain.

I can’t / don’t get Jazz, although I want to.

The closest I have heard that I sort of like is Jazz at the Pawnshop (Vol 1) and Basie at Newport.

Now, I figure, that if I can pinpoint the best live (I prefer live, any genre) Albums of that ilk all will be well in Jazz world.

Am I wrong ?

Good answer, in the spirit of the AA I shall ignore it though.

Keith Jarrett: Concerts (ECM 1227-29). Box set of 3 LPs. Gets played far more than Klon in my house. (gigs from Bregenz 28/5/1981 and Munchen 2/6/1981)

Albert Ayler: In Greenwich Village. Mad free jazz

John Coltrane: Live at the Village Vanguard Again. Again chosen because it gets played more than the original Village Vanguard LP

Very eclectic range of stuff there which really supports what @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi said. (I feel sullied somehow to admit this :disappointed:)

EDIT: The ‘I like Basie’ bit was published by @MJ2 while I was posting this. I would have ignored it if I had read it, but I hadn’t seen it and wouldn’t like you to think I ignored it deliberately :grin:.





Gee, thanks, I feel better now.

On that theme, to the Trane and Jarrett, I would add this…

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That’s all Free shit and I don’t mind paying a few quid.

Eh? I paid for all those records. What are you on about?

Whoosh !

Free Jazz !

I know, I was being obtuse. Even within ‘Free Jazz’ the variation is so huge that your original question was ludicrous.

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Why thank you.

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These are the 3 that spring to mind

(I missed the vinyl part- no idea about that)



The first 3 meet your request. The last two not so much but worth checking out on Spotify etc.

Sinatra and Basie for the win.

Little known LP but Eldridge plays here with the Oscar Peterson trio and it’s excellent.

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