If I had to own 3 live Jazz Albums


Thanks Paul,

I have the Sinatra Album and it is superb. I’ll check out the others.


No worries Niall. I’ll look into those


Thanks Chris.

Looks interesting. I’ll give it a try.


Wait 'til Chris (vacdac) posts before committing!




You think he could limit it to 3?


Are you limiting yourself to the big band era?


What jazz vinyl do you already have Mike ?

My recommendation would be to avoid the New Thing type stuff as it will likely put you off. However, I would put money on it that if you did develop a serious jazz habit then you will eventually get to like the more out-there stuff given what you normally listen to.

If I was to choose three for you they would have to be:



Chet Baker

Bobby Hutcherson & Harold Land San Francisco


The problem is, I really don’t know.

Basie live worked, Jazz at the Pawnshop worked, Sinatra at the Sands worked, they’re all live.

That’s pretty much all I have to go on.

(shrugs shoulders) sorry.



End of, nuff said, start the car.


I hope you’re right Pete. Just ordered the LP.


In answer to your question Allan, Basie at Newport, Sinatra at the Sands and A Kind of Blue.

First two reasonable, Coletrane meh.


There is no hope for you.


Even the horse is laughing at that…


Really ?


Really ?

If that is really as good as it gets, then I will happily give up on Jazz :frowning:



Any idea where I can get this at a reasonable price on vinyl Allan ?



Or maybe worth a watch on ebay or discogs Mike


Based on what you already liked, I offer up . . .

Dave Brubeck Quintet - We’re All Together Again For The First Time

Herb Ellis & Joe Pass - Seven, Come Eleven

Duke Ellington - Ellington at Newport


Well, maybe some sort of serious corrective therapy can help but just saying “Coltrane, meh”, about an absolute giant of the genre seems a little (actually a fucking lot) reductive!

I actually think Kind Of Blue is a good place to start with Coltrane, he is fantastic on that (it could also be your entry point to Canonball, Bill Evans and Davis himself) but if you like the big band angle maybe try Africa Brass and go back and forward from there.

Jazz isn’t just going to pull your kecks down and fellate you, you’ll have to work at it a bit. :+1: