If I had to own 3 live Jazz Albums


I love Agharta :heart_eyes:


I’ve owned 2 copies of Kind of Blue Ritchie, I may even still have a copy somewhere.

Meh !

I am still, hence this thread, trying to work at it though :slight_smile:


Thanks Allan.

Ordered that :+1:


One of my absolute favourite albums MIke best listened to late at night and after a few beers or vino :+1:


Thanks for the input so far chaps.

In deference to @vacdac, I shall leave my last purchase for one of his recommendations


You’ll need to re-mortgage your house when he’s finished :grinning:


If you like Kind of Blue, but want a live Davis vibe, try Miles Davis Live at Carnegie Hall:




You took your time getting here…:wink:


Actually can someone help me find a Jazz album I think was called Play or Party by a saxophonist called Arthur, or something like that.

Has a red cover.


Nice of you to care.:kissing_heart:


Eh? Whatever gave you that impression.


So dig it out again and instead of letting it in one ear and out the other, really listen and remember that Davis never had the band rehearse any of it. He gave them some chord progressions and an order of who was going to solo when. The horns played around one microphone, with each player stepping forward and improvising his solo. Jesus, if nothing else, just listen to Bill Evans play piano on it! :heart_eyes:




This. Although it requires a lot of concentration as some of the playing around him is of mind boggling quality. It is also a marvelously well recorded LP despite its age.


Not quite.


Wow - that’s just seven kinds of wrong.

I love it.


Few Different styles - Apologies for the shit sound and camera work.

Post Bop

Blue Trane

Bill Evans

Oliver Nelson

Hank Mobley

Kenny Dorham

Rendell / Carr

Joe Harriott

Dick Morrissey

Tina Brooks

Modal Waltz…

Albert Mangelsdorff

Michael Garrick


This is very good


Zappa might have.