If I had to own 3 live Jazz Albums


Completely missed this thread for some reason. I’d like to nominate Cannonball Adderley - Live at The Club. Recorded with a live audience but in a studio (it wasn’t actually recorded at the venue in the title, Cannonball was just helping a friend who owned the venue), it features Joe Zawinul on keyboards.


Surprised nobody has shouted out for Bill Evans. So, go check out this Bill Evans album (or, frankly, any Bill Evans album. So long as it’s Bill Evans the pianist and not the saxophonist Bill Evans. Or Bill Evans of Slough)

Another must, IMHO, is Stan Getz / Kenny Barron People Time. Getz’s last live recording before dying a few months after. You can feel the fading of the flame, which makes the ballads remarkably sad, but intense, and there really are very few finer pianists (and propbaby no finer accompanist, period ) than Kenny Barron. I was incredibly lucky to meet Kenny Barron at the re-opened Montmartre a few years ago, and talked briefly to him about the recording after buying him a double cognac


Finally, something more ‘now’ and while perhaps not a classic (yet) a hugely enjoyable concert



This version of “surfin” is betterer…



The Master takes the young whippersnappers to summer camp, and they love it!


All of the above, just so long as it’s smooth.


I did!


This is a good Bill Evans live album. ‘Nardis’ :ok_hand:


I’ll give that a try then Ritchie :+1:


Don’t hate me. :grin:


You’re impossible to hate Ritchie :upside_down_face:




You wait 'til his well starts leaking into your kitchen !



I think this will really float your boat Mike - copies still readily available on Discogs etc




Talking contemporary - Brownswood is one of my go-to labels for the jazz coming out from London.
‘World jazz’?



Not only contemporary music - this is from UFO’s amazing album from 1993

Giles Peterson is some man


‘Probably his first album.’


Even a spot for smoooth bromance. :grinning:


“Sax on the beach” by Bleeding Gums Murphy
Although it might be difficult to find a vinyl copy…