If I had to own 3 live Jazz Albums


Yebbut, yebbut … he doesn’t (much).

He may be beyond help.



If you don’t like it Mike I’ll buy it off you


But, but, you recommend me an LP you don’t even own ?

Jeez, with friends like you guys, or am I missing something here ? :thinking:


This thread needs more Sun Ra.

Although the specific work, I’ll leave that to the experts.


Quite a few I could recommend.

Here are just two, that spring readily to mind.


Chose these 'cos they are both vibrant & quite adventurous, yet still quite accessible to those with only a tentative acquaintance with jazz. Both are also outside the more mainstream hard bop & smooth jazz idioms.



Yeah, I missed that, I think you might be right.

Hang on a minute though…

It’s available in coloured vinyl…

NOW he’ll like it…:grinning:




Mine is getting a bit worn


Do they have a good live vibe / atmosphere Chris ?


:joy: :+1:


I don’t want any idioms, just Jazz :smiley:


I think so. The caveat being that the Don Ellis has perhaps more of a live feel at some expense to ultimate SQ. I think you do get some sense of still being there with Love In too, though the sound from the audience is more muted, it is a stone cold classic album tho’ regardless of being ‘live’.

This is good from a real sense of being there. Quite variable SQ throughout as it’s from quite a few different gigs. Quite hip & fairly recent too. >>

& this if you want to start getting a bit more ‘outside the box’


Well I’ve noted that the Sons of Kemet album Your Queen is a Reptile seems to have been a hit with ya, Mike. So I’ve tried to make any recommendations accordingly, in order to not put you off.


Think this is the only live jazz album I have,very good though



A couple of other primers for Spiritual / Black Jazz / Jazz Funk

Couple of modern British jazzers

Nat Birchall

Matthew Halsall


Some gooduns there^^^


Thanks chaps.

Plenty to work through there. Think the Spiritual / Black Jazz could work.



Found it.


:+1: Even betterer with the addition of caressed, rather than beaten, strings.