If you could invite one musical luminary to dinner ..........?

Who would it be ?

Could be a singer, a musician, a producer / agent, alive or dead. Who would it be and why ?

BIG question.

Mine would be either -

Julian Cope - because I agree with many of his principles / causes, I like his music and he is diverse / bats enough to be really interesting.

Frank Sinatra - because, just, well, what, exactly could you find yourself discussing over the main course ?

I would want to sit down with Tony Wilson and Ivo Watts-Russell as Factory and 4ad sound tracked the majority of my youth and early adult life. My impression is that Wilson had a tin ear, but was a brilliant facilitator. The bands he produced were uniformly awful, but he brought out the first records by Joy Division, Durutti Column, OMD and New Order within a three year spell from 1979 to 1981. Watts-Russell, on the other hand, made brilliant music himself via This Mortal Coil and The Hope Blister and brought us Birthday Party, Pixies, Lush, Dead Can Dance and Cocteau Twins to name but a few. Both also facilitated some of the best LP art of all time. Neither were short of an interesting opinion.

As Wilson is no longer with us it is Ivo by default.

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Morrissey so I can could force feed him steak and then punch the racist cunt in the face.

Really though it would be Tom Waits as he just comes across as extremely clever and knows some very funny stories.



Racism is one of a huge list of things Morrissey is shit at. If I wanted to punch a racist, Clapton would be first, second and third choice. He could had a cp for the bland shite music he has foisted upon us for the last 25 years too.


This I totally understand and agree with.

and this was another of my potential choices :+1:

Forgot about Ivo, good shout.

On the not a fucking chance ticket, I would have to add Bob Geldof and Bono.

Mike Patton. Would definitely last for more than one night. :slight_smile:

Dinner!? FFS.

A night on the lash with Lemmy please - not remotely because I’m in any way hardcore, rather because I bore myself (and all others) into a coma sober and smalltalking, while Lemmy set the standards to aspire to but was a lot smarter and funnier than his 2D hellraiser rep credits him with.


Kylie Minogue.


And her sister


Good call :slight_smile:

Gary Glitter.

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Jean Michel Jarre and his laser harp thingy m’bob.

Why ?

The first record I bought was:

Teenage cunt

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