If you could invite one musical luminary to dinner ..........?

George Clinton.

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He’s several guests in one

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Didn’t they support UK Subs at Carshalton Park in '78?

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Not sure about trolling - I saw him play somewhere near Leamington/Warwick in the mid-80’s (not my idea) and half way through the gig someone lobbed a plastic bottle at the stage. This mild provocation caused him to lose it so completely that I thought he might burst a blood vessel. Made that Bilbo Baggins transformation look very mild …


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Steve Albini and Ray Davies. Would make for an interesting pair I think.

Keith Moon


He’d break the crockery.

And blow your toilet up.

Hoxton Tom.

No one. I can’t think of anything worse than dinner with someone I’m a fan of. If you don’t get on with them, the small talk would be excruciating.

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Malcolm Mclaren

I’d like to go to the offie with Daevid Allen.

It almost happened once-we bumped into each other as I was coming out of my flat in Gospel Oak.
He was clutching several shopping bags jammed full of wine and french sticks.

We said hello but I never got to the picnic. :tired_face:


I had the same poster

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A mate of mine bought it as a present for one of our physics tutors in college, saying the room where we went for tutorials needed cheering up. The tutor promised to hang it up after he’d written physics equations on the back so he could turn it round when his more serious colleagues dropped in. He never did hang it up though :-(.


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Going for Elvis although I’ll need Greg’s help with the burgers. Grew up watching Elvis films and my first album was his sun recordings plus it’s Elvis !!

It would have to be Jason Molina. I miss Jason :cry:

Alice Cooper. We’d stay off the subjects of religion and politics of course. And golf.


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Chicken dinner?

You ordered his new old versions 7’’?

Was ist das?