If you had a million £

Exactly £1M, not a penny over, not negotiable, what would you buy?

All the Rolexes?

A couple of Porsches?

Houses for the kids?

Shitty Magico speakers?

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A house somewhere fairly remote where I can’t hear cars or planes and it’s dark at night.


I would buy my life back, retire.


Lol, you could buy half a dozen of them here :grin:


Same, just add the occasional wolf howls :relieved:


Sorry OT - for some reason I just thought about those old ClothEars “would you X for £1,000,000?” threads.
Say what you will but there was some classic Wamming in those :upside_down_face:

LOL, the Magico speakers line kept changing (edits) as I was reading it :grin:

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Pay off the mortgage, finish the repairs, split the land into building plots, sell them and sell this place, downsize to something hugely cheaper to run.

Modest second home in AZ where we can fuck off to when the weather is fucking shit here.

Modest 3rd home in some overlooked corner of the Med, because I love the culture, scenery and climate.

Live off any surplus cash. In the unlikely event I don’t die before it runs out, sell off what remains aside from the Med bolthole. Live off proceeds until the reaper collects what’s due…


Maybe gold (graph might take a few seconds to load if you click on the link) ?

Some think desert land in the US south will appreciate substantially when they finally realise that solar power has to be the future.

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Cocaine, whores, booze and holidays and probably just fritter away the rest.


No Rolexes?

95% Index tracking funds.

5% regret.

Dullard. You should buy Rolexes.

See regret.


Don’t get me wrong, I’d jump on the bandwagon, I just wouldn’t advertise it.

Too late, that bandwagon has ground to a halt and has started rolling back downhill.

Hire these guys:


To steal these:

And commission this fucker to build amplification specifically for them:



Small house but lots of land away from people and a barn for the below vehicles

Ultima GTR kit to build
Ferret armoured car
Some sort of fast estate car
Ex military 4x4 quad bike to get around the land

Beretta DT11 Black edition

Bit of a hifi upgrade

That will probably do for now

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Ask this question back in the 60s when a mil was really a mil, and of course the answer is Dr. No/Enter the Dragon style private island.

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