Ima want a Technics

Do you have a turntable at the moment?

SME 3012r

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If it’s purely an improvement in sound you’re after* I’m sure that something like an AN Io with an appropriate SUT would be a better way to achieve that.

*If it’s for other reasons, pride of ownership, looks, etc. Ignore my advice :grin:

I’m not suggesting the new Techy isn’t an improvement on an SP-10 btw, just not as much as the cartridge option would be.

IMO, of course.

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It’s a lot about the shiny.
And a lot about the one box factor.
Not a lot about the sound.

At appeals to my desire for simple things that are well made and easy to use out of he box. Faff unnerves me.

IO for a man with a Paradise and a reluctance to faff, that’ll end well🤣


The thread is irrelevant as Steve had made up his mind before he posted!


As all want threads prove.
It’s less a convince me to buy, more a due diligence ask before I do! It’s a lot of cash even on a good deal, so worth an ask for peace of mind.

Just get it, 3 sp10’s and a Sony about right round here :smirk::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’ve managed to crush my interest in the thread, right there. :grin:



It WILL sound better! Or I’d not even consider it!
Just not as betterer as a diy option?

I don’t think you will go far wrong. I saw one last year at Munich and it looked great. it was a static display so didn’t get to hear it.
Didn’t @JezR get one of these?

No Jez got one of the new 1200’s iirc

I got the 1210GR and would consider this the entry level, the ones below are really cut down versions in the motor and chassis department.

I don’t want to come over salty - I like the deck. My comment was based on the simplicity of the plinth which could be easily replicated at far less a cost or improved vastly
The plinth is basically a frame.

Could look nicer

The arm is what it is, if you are speaking to Dave C, ask him about the audible differences between the standard and the Glanz

I do also appreciate the plug and play anti faff crusade and the urge for originality.

SL-1500C? They confirmed “under £1000” at Bristol, but wouldn’t be drawn on whether this actually meant £900 or not.

As to SP-10R, why wouldn’t you? It makes most other new turntables that cost more then it look a bit pointless now, IMHO.

Go to Guy and buy a Motus STST fitted with their tonearm and get him to fit your cartridge or a new one.
All in one package that is direct drive, and will sound superb.

I’ve heard the Motus several times and it is simply fantastic and I’m sure will have everything you are looking for plus fantastic sound quality and you can choose between several different plinth woods and top plate finishes.

Sell both the SP10’s you have and the arms and you’ll be well on the way to a Motus, you may even spend less in the long run.


SP10R - yes please

Paying a premium for an average plinth and arm - no thanks.

I’d have the motor, stick it in the excellent Acoustand plinth and have a lot of money left for a really high end arm.

I have to agree with this. I really like the Motus and it looks much better than the Techie. I don’t know if the Motus will hold it’s value as well though.

Techie motor unit with a decent plinth and arm ftw :+1:

Based on my experience with the 1200G, I want one quite badly. But I’m torn between the Techie package and separate plinth/arm/cart. I do like the look of the package and there are, apparently, deals to be had. Hmmm…