Ima want a Technics

I have the want…


Anyone had hands on one at the shows?
Can anyone give me [a proper] good reason why not?
I’ve read all the plinth/arm not good enough stuff but much of it is speculative.
The appeal to me is because it is one piece and ready, and I don’t want to have to build it all up. I like the fact it’s fit and forget, made to work together, and bomb proof.
If I wanted a better arm I could fit one as an add on.

There are some good deals on prices. Just curious if anyone here has direct experience.


Go for it. If for no other reason you’re unlikely to ever lose out on it financially.




The price of some/most turntables at shows,I think the technics are an utter bargain


@SAP7 when your Mrs finds out she’ll want a new horse or a car. So it will cost you twice the price of the new Techy. :scream:
If you know this then go for it.


It would likely hold its value better in Technics’ plinth & with its own arm.

I’d probably go for the motor unit in an Acustand plinth & buy a different arm.

It’s certainly sounded very smooth whenever I’ve heard it. From that POV it seems to have moved on significantly certainly from the SP10 Mk2.

However it might be argued that one of the posher new 1200 series decks (GAE?) has many of the same attributes or indeed the less DJ looking SL1500.C


I’ve got some savings and the price appears to be quite negotiable.
Surprisingly so.

It’s the fact it’s all made to measure and there is no fretting about tolerances. Some like faff. I don’t.

As for the wife, and her current horse box hunt, don’t get me started. They are a similar price! We don’t have kids and she earns more than me so she can get her own!


It doesn’t sound as if you’d be content with one of the lesser models so if you can stretch to it you should.

For those that haven’t seen the new SL1500

I think it also comes with an MM phono stage so you can ponder not putting a bid in for Jack’s ANS9 for a couple of years before deciding not to.


Have they sorted a price for it yet?

If you need to ask…

Sadly I always do

Think they said about £1500 at Bristol

Out of interest, how much are these ? Real world rather than RRP.

Not sure I’d like to share until I do or don’t as the dealers are reluctant to annoy technics.
I’d be curious to know if anyone knows the margins on them as I suspect I may be able to squeeze a bit more.
I’ll happily pm more if and when I can.

I’d hazard a guess the margin is nothing like what it might be for a more ‘boutique’ turntable.

I can say, as a simple call will get you an answer, that at least 20% off is about the opening offer without trying.

I think the arm and plinth are poor / overpriced and could be much improved - The motor unit however is superb


I have a feeling they get knocked unfairly. Considering the plinths weight and factory accurate tolerances it should be ok.
After market ones may be more about personal taste (visual and sound) than improvement?
The arm is limited by what they had already. But there are arm boards to add on.

It’s about the balance between compromise between: no bits and no faff, and faff and your own bits!
It does seem a big bump for the extra bits though. List price.

What cartridge & phonostage would you be using?

Paradise and Hana sl
Very quiet!